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BUFFY: Dawn, I'm sorry that you feel so bad. OK, but in the morning this won't seem so terrible. You don't even know this R.J. Not really.
DAWN:(sits up in the bed) I do know him. I know his soul.
BUFFY: Really? Dawn, he wasn't even on your radar yesterday.
XANDER: It's the jacket. It's true. Something about the big letter on the chest makes girls get all swoony and crushy. I saw it all the time in school. And you couldn't just pin any old felt letter to your coat and get play— (catches himself) not that I tried.
DAWN: It isn't a crush. It's love. I love R.J.
BUFFY: Again, since yesterday. Dawn, it's awfully fast.
DAWN(incensed): What? You're telling me I don't feel what I feel?
BUFFY: No, of course not. I believe that you think it's real. It seems real... to you.
DAWN: You know what? Maybe I don't want advice from the Dysfunction Queen. You have no idea how I feel. You have no idea what real love is. Maybe if you did, you wouldn't make fun of me this way.
BUFFY: Dawn, I'm not making fun of you.
DAWN: Just go. Leave me alone.


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GUNN: Can't help thinking it might cut down on the work load some if we got a little help, a few extra employees, or a turnkey, state-of-the-art, multi-tasking operation.
WESLEY: You can't possibly think that's an option.
GUNN: Well, now I know it's an option, 'cause I was standing there when the dead lady offered it to us. Come on, Wes, how long are you gonna be satisfied, sitting there sticking pins in maps and blowing dust off your books? Sorry, man. I shouldn't have said it like that.
WESLEY: No, no, no. They are rather dusty.
GUNN: That's not what I meant. Couldn't have been easy for you seeing Lilah again like that.
WESLEY: Oh, yes. That was awkward, wasn't it? You decapitate a loved one, you don't expect them to come visiting.
GUNN: Loved one?
WESLEY: Figure of speech.


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