About Us

When it comes to the best TV shows of all time, let’s face it… there really is nothing better than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not only does it feature some of the best characters, but the plot is intriguing, and it is a show you can watch over and over again.

Hi, I’m Marianne LeBlanc, and I started this unofficial fan site for the show. We are dedicated to providing Buffy lovers across the globe with all of the information they could possibly need about the show. 

Whether you are a Buffy fan, or you are just beginning your vampire slaying journey, you will find our content both interesting and intriguing. There really is something for everyone.

Here at Buffy world, we have provided you with detailed reviews and epic summaries of every episode there is to watch. These will help you to be reminded of what happened if you cannot remember the ins and outs of each episode. It will also help you to have a better insight into the plots and story arcs too. 

In addition to this, we have created character profiles for all of the major characters within the show. From Buffy herself, to the brilliant Caleb, and Mayor — we’ve got you covered, discussing aspects such as their appearance, personality and powers. We’ve even provided photos so that you can refer back to each character with ease. 

We hope that Buffy World will serve as your ultimate guide to this show, and that you will find all of the information useful and insightful.

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