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Andrew was originally introduced as the younger brother of Tucker Wells, a Sunnydale High alumni, but it quickly became clear that there was a lot more to him than met the eye.

From summoning demons to a brief foray to the dark side, Andrew’s journey throughout the series was an emotional one, full of betrayal, misunderstandings and, of course, stories.

“It’s wonderful to get lost in a story, isn’t it?” – Andrew Wells

From mere conjurer to a key player in the fight against the First Evil, Andrew’s evolution and character development soon made it very clear that there was a great deal more to him than simply being “Tucker’s younger brother”.

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Andrew is a Suuntdale native, growing up in the city with his older brother Tucker, and his aunt acting as his legal guardian.

Evidence suggests that the family may have struggled financially, and Andrew was also a victim of bullying as he grew up, often picked on by other kids for being a “nerd”. Despite this, he developed a close bond with two other Sunnydale outcasts: Jonathan Levinson, and Warren Mears, and the three became friends.

While growing up, Andrew was inspired by his older brother’s abilities, and learned how to summon and control demons. He unleashed a pack of Flying Monkey demons to attack the school play, Romeo and Juliet, and this was an early indicator of his tendency to cause trouble simply for his own amusement.

While the incident was merely a blip in the memories of the Scoobies and the Slayer, Buffy Summers, it was an event that stayed with Andrew, and one that he long saw as a symbol of the power and control he could wield, remembering it fondly in later series.

His brother was also responsible for unleashing a pack of hellhounds on the school’s senior prom, due to his lack of ability to secure a date. This incident implies a pattern of behaviour in both brothers, and it is likely that Andrew’s follow-the-leader nature began by emulating his older brother.

Around two years after graduation, and the destruction of Sunnydale High School, Andrew joined forces with Warren and Jonathan to form a supervillain group known as the Trio.

Their goal was to “team up and take over Sunnydale”, and this started with a number of low-level, petty crimes, such as robbing museums and banks for supplies, and experimenting with their powers.

Unlike Warren and Jonathn, Andrew had an ability to summon and control demons, and this made him an integral part of the group, and the force behind many of their attacks on Buffy, including messing with time using a cursed mummy hand, and getting three demons to attack at once.

While the activities of the Trio started out as annoyances, things quickly took a far more sinister turn when, upon Warren’s suggestion, they used a Cerebral Dampener on his ex-girlfriend, Katrina Silber – an act that would essentially turn her into a willing sex slave.

While both Jonathan and Andrew appeared excited by the prospect in the early stages, they soon came to their senses when Katrina broke out of her stupor and told them that what they were doing was rape.

In her attempt to flee, Katrina was killed by Warren, and this incident was a turning point for both the trio as a whole, and Andrew’s character in particular.

Rather than seek help, he helped Warren to cover up the murder by summoning three Rwasundi demons, and appeared impressed that they got away with the murder, as well as flattered by the positive attention shown to him by Warren.

Later, however, Buffy and the Scoobies worked out that the Trio had been involved in Katrina’s death, and started to take a closer look at their activities. In an attempt to stop her, Andrew set a Glarghk Guhm Kashmas’nik demon on her, forcing her to experience intense, disturbing hallucinations.

Shortly after this incident, Warren convinced Andrew to turn against Jonathan, planning to rob an amusement park and then flee, letting Jonathan take the blame.

When Buffy intervened, however, Warren escaped alone, leaving Andrew to face arrest alongside Jonathan. The latter made it clear that Warren would not be returning for them, leaving Andrew heartbroken at the betrayal.

Later, Warren shot and killed Tara Maclay while trying to hit Buffy, and incurred the wrath of Tara’s girlfriend, powerful witch Willow Rosenberg.

Driven to the dark side by her grief, Willow tracked the murderer down and skinned him alive, asserting that she planned a similar fate for both Jonathan and Andrew. She managed to find them at the prison and attacked, but both were rescued by the Scoobies in the nick of time.

Fearing for their lives, Andrew tried to convince Jonathan that they needed to flee to Mexico to escape Willow’s wrath, and used a sword to threaten Xander Harris.

Jonathan, however, was willing to pay for his crimes, and convinced Andrew to agree that they would return to jail once Willow had been defeated. This was a short-lived endeavor, as they decided to hitch a ride South after hearing that Willow had trapped both Buffy and her sister Dawn.

After a few months spent living together in a shack in Mexico, Andrew revealed that he had been repeatedly tormented by a number of dreams, all involving visions of the Seal of Danzalthar, Potential Slayers being murdered, and a Turok-Han vampire. After confiding in Jonathan, he realised that they have been experiencing the same nightmares.

An image of Warren appeared in the shack, and managed to convince Andrew that he needed to return to Sunnydale to open the seal by killing Jonathan with a Dagger of Lex purchased from a demon salesman.

If he does this, Warren asserted, the Trio will be reborn and live as gods. Andrew was uncertain, but chose to accept the vision of Warren – actually an agent of the First – and lures Jonathan back to Sunnydale.

They teamed up with the Scoobies for protection, and in an attempt to redeem themselves for their past crimes, and discovered the location of the seal.

Once the seal had been uncovered, Andrew stabbed Jonathan in front of a gleeful First-Warren, allowing his blood to drop onto the seal.

The ritual failed however, and Andrew was forced to attempt to kill a piglet to use its blood – once again, he failed as he could not catch the animal – and then visited a local butcher to procure pigs blood.

Here, he was discovered by Willow, who he still feared following her flaying of Warren. To try and scare her away, Andrew claimed to be a powerful, mighty evil, but Willow used his fear against him, taking him back to the Scoobies where he was taken hostage.

He was interrogated by Xander and Anya in an attempt to discover why he had been buying blood, with Anya keen to use a range of psychological and physical threats she had recently learned about.

As they were finally about to get the answers, Spike, who is being manipulated by the First, broke free from his bonds, grabbed Andrew and bit him, managing to sustain the attack for several seconds before being subdued By Buffy.

Following this, Andrew was confined to a chair, and took a keen interest in assisting the Potential Slayers, and the ongoing battle against the First Evil.

While his relationship with the Scoobies was initially hostile, largely due to his alliance with Warren, murder of Jonathan, and plethora of bad and annoying habits, Andrew was determined to make amends, and play a role in the fight.

He repaired Buffy’s microwave when a Potential destroyed it, and supplied baked goods in an attempt to keep morale up.

He also created a “big board” which was designed to track the plans of the First, and decide on the best next move. A little later, however, he was contacted by the First once again – this time in the guise of his late friend Jonathan.

The First led him to a gun owned by Willow, which she had intended to use to kill Warren, and ordered him to kill the Potential Slayers.

The Scoobies then attempted to trick the First by wiring up Andrew and using headphones to overhear the conversation and obtain information about its plans.

Andrew, however, failed to give a convincing performance, and the First realised their plan, turning the tables to remind Andrew about his murder of Jonathan.

Andrew finally stood up to the being, and made a vow to avenge Jonathan’s death. Still not believing that Andrew fully understood the seriousness of what he had done.

Buffy took him to Sunnydale High, and convinced him that his death was the only thing that could close the seal. Using the knife used to murder Jonathan, she pushed him further and further until he finally accepted that he was responsible for Jonathan’s murder, and admitted the he knew that the “Warren” he saw was not actually him – his hope simply caused him to ignore that reality.

Buffy’s actions brought Andrew to tears, in remorse of what he had done, and this caused the seal to close, bringing an end to the chaos and supernatural disturbances at Sunnydale High.

Buffy confies in Andrew, admitting that she has no idea what she is doing, and he offers her comfort and support.

Following this incident, Andrew is determined to redeem himself, and joins the Scoobies and the Potentials at the final Battle of the Hellmouth.

He is certain that he will die – “and maybe that’s how it should be ” – and partners with Anya alongside a staircase at the high school, armed with swords to try and prevent any Turok-Han vampires, or Harbingers of Death from escaping.

As Anya’s confidence fell, and her feat increased, Andew attempted to bring her comfort by listing nice things – unicorns, candy canes, and bunny rabbits.

Anya, who suffered a pathological fear of bunnies, enjoyed a burst of fury and renewed energy from the mention of them, and this allowed her the strength to fight off their attackers with strength and resilience.

Sadly, Anya was killed by a Bringer, while Andrew remained shocked and confused that he had survived the battle.

When confronted by Xander, Andrew offered comfort over Anya’s death, and told him that she had died saving his life. He omitted his involvement in slaughtering the Bringer who killed Anya, allowing her to stand as the hero of the story in an effort to offer Xander some solace.

Following the events in Sunnydale, Andrew remained with the Scoobies as they formed the Slayer Organization, dedicated to locating and training Slayers across the world.

He also trained as a Watcher under Rupert Giles, eventually being given his own Slayer Squad in the Slayer Organization Italy headquarters.

Personality And Traits

“Can’t I have a cool refreshing zima?” – Andrew Wells

As a character, Andrew was often considered to be a little strange and irritating to most other people, largely due to his tendency to fixate closely on his areas of particular interest.

He had a strong and undying love for pop culture and science fiction, and constantly made a number of references to television, movies and literature – often at totally inappropriate moments.

He was also possessive of his belongings, considering it a personal affront when people touched his stuff, and undertaking a long-winded rant when he discovered that Faith had eaten his last Hot Pocket, despite the treat being clearly labelled with his name.

Many characters often found him a little confusing, with Dawn once asking what language he was speaking, and he had a tendency to be very gullible and easily lead.

Being influenced first by Tucker to summon demons, and then later manipulated by Warren, Andrew typically enjoyed having a leader to follow and serve.

He was also quite immature, and initially excited by the prospect of becoming a “super villain” and getting away with petty crimes.

This resulted in a tendency to hero worship people, particularly Warren, and he believed that Warren would take care of everything – there was no need for Andrew to take any responsibility. As a result, he was easily manipulated by the First.

Andrew is also known for his ability to drop into “storyteller” mode at a moments notice, and he appeared to shift from fantasy to reality very quickly.

He enjoyed stories, and would dramatize the mythology of the Slayer line, as well as exaggerating his own personal achievements, relationships and history, as well as those around him.

He would also randomly allege bizarre injuries, illness and ailments, announcing that he had swimmers’ ears during a fight with the Turok-Han, and claiming that he had suffered shin splints after breaking into the high school.

During the battle against the First, Andrew took to recording the adventures and events for future generations, interviewing characters such as Xander, Dawn and Anya to gain their perspectives.

During these videotaping sessions, Andrew would grow theatrical and dramatic, turning everything into a story – including his own “dark past” and evil villany, and recasting himself as the hero of every piece.

This eventually angered Buffy, who was determined to break his habit for storytelling and force him to face reality.

While working alongside the Scoobies, Andrew started to take real responsibility for his actions, using leaders such as Faith, Giles, Buffy and Anya to inspire him to do the right thing.

Over time, this allowed him to become more confident, and he stood up to the First when given the opportunity, realising what he had done, and accepting the consequences.

He also learned to use his storyteller power for good, offering comfort to Xander following Anya’s death.

Powers And Abilities

Andrews main ability was to control and summon animals and demons, usually through the use of musical instruments. This helped him to secure a strong role in the Trio, and typically took charge of deploying any creatures or demons against their enemies.

He also appeared to have a strong understanding of genetics, allowing him to perfectly recreate the long-extsit Ragna demons, and had the mechanical skill to build and create a number of devices, including ray guns.

In addition, he appeared to have been proficient in a number of languages, including dead and demon tongues. His mastery and knowledge of pop culture was also extraordinary.


Andrew had a number of interesting relationships during the show, though never had a serious, permanent love interest. During his time in Sunnydale, he would often suggest attraction to a number of men, including Patrick Swayze, Scott Bakula and Viggo Mortensen.

He also told Xander that the idea of being surrounded by strip-poker player Slayers would leave him bored stiff, and shies away from a discussion of Daniel Craig’s swimming trunks with Buffy.

In the material following the end of the television show, Andrew officially comes out, and shares a kiss with a male character, Clive.

Relationship With Warren

Andrews relationship with Warren has been the subject of much speculation amongst fans, with Andrew referring to the latters killing of a “Nezzla demon” as “so hot”, and the nature of his heartbreak at realising Warren has betrayed him – “he never really loved…hanging out with us.”

It is clear that Andrew idolised Warren, and it is likely that this strayed into romantic feelings – this is the reason the First initially takes the form of Warren in order to manipulate Andrew.


Andrew has a number of friendships throughout the show, and these include:

Jonathan Levinson

Jonathan was Andrew’s best friend, and the pair fled to Mexico together. There may also have been some romantic tension between the pair’ while sharing a bed in Mexico, Andrew comments on Jonathan’s body, and refers to him as “the cutest thing” while reminiscing on their time together.

Xander Harris

Over time, Xander and Andrew develop a camaraderie while working together, with Andrew describing Xander as “extraordinary”, and ignoring Kennedy and Willow making out to comment on the work Xander had done on the windows.

The two also shared a love of comic books and science fiction, and appear to have developed a close bond.

Anya Jenkins

Andrew once described Anya as the “perfect woman” – a statement she vehemently agreed with – and the two developed a curious friendship, with Andrew being visibly affected by her death, and avenging her by killing the Bringer who dealt the final blow.


During a mission to learn more about preacher Caleb, Spike and Andrew developed a friendship, bonding over their similar introduction to the Scoobies – both were held hostage, and forced to renounce their evil selves.

It seems clear that Andrew had a crush on Spike – something the latter did not seem to object to – and Spike remained patient and tolerant – even accepting hugs from Andrew. He was devastated to hear of Spike’s death, but was pleased to reunite with him in Los Angeles.


While Andrew remained wary of both Slayers, he seemed to have developed a grudging respect for Faith, finding her more approachable and easy-going than Buffy. For the most part, Faith generally ignored Andrew, but this did nothing to diminish his idolisation, calling her the “Dark Slayer” and romanticising her past misdeeds.

Buffy Summers

Andrew also established a great deal of respect for Buffy, telling her that she was doing a “great job”. He found himself bored by her lengthy speeches and strict attitude, but admitted that she was a good Slayer.


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Andrew appeared in a number of episodes, including:

Buffy Season 6

  • Flooded
  • Life Serial
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Smashed
  • Gone
  • Doublemeat Palace
  • Dead Things
  • Older and Far Away
  • Normal Again
  • Entropy
  • Seeing Red
  • Villians
  • Two to Go
  • Grave

Buffy Season 7

  • Lessons
  • Beneath You
  • Same Time, Same Place
  • Conversations With Dead People
  • Never Leave Me
  • Bring On The Night
  • Showtime
  • Potential
  • The Killer In Me
  • First Date
  • Get It Done
  • Lies My Parents told Me
  • Dirty Girls
  • Empty Placed
  • Touched
  • End of Days
  • Chosen

Angel Season 5

  • Damage
  • The Girl In Question

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