Buffy Character: Angel | David Boreanaz

Angel is played by David Boreanaz. Well known as the dark, broody vampire with a soul, this character is the Slayer, Buffy Summers’, first love interest within the show. 

He struggles with guilt over his murderous past as a vampire without a soul, leading him to aid both Buffy and the Scooby Gang in their fight against evil in Sunnydale, California.

This character is known for his ability to become vicious and bloodthirsty at the moment that he experiences true happiness because when he does, he loses his soul. This leads him to very quickly change from Buffy’s most loyal ally to her worst enemy. 

Angel soon became a fan-favorite, leading to both a spin-off television series, ‘Angel’, in which he is the titular character.

After both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer finished airing, they were each given a respective comic book series, written as a continuation of the television shows, with Angel appearing in both, as well as a further comic, titled Angel and Faith

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Before he became Angelus, the evil vampire without a soul, or even Angel, the dark, broody vampire with the guilt of Angelus’ heinous crimes to contend with, Angelus’ name was ‘Liam’.

He was born in Galway, Ireland, in 1727, and he was originally known as Liam, as per his birth name, whilst a human – until he was sired by Darla in 1753. 

At twenty-six, Liam was incredibly reckless. He would often try to get drunk and, as a result of his dislike of noblewomen, and to the annoyance of his father, even try to seduce his family’s maidservant.

That was, until, one night, when Liam’s antics made his father furious, resulting in an argument that led his father to smack him across the face. 

This helped Liam to make the decision to leave home, despite his father telling him that he would become homeless. Of course, the first thing Liam did was go to a tavern, where he promptly got drunk and started fighting, resulting in him getting kicked out. 

Outside the tavern, Liam noticed a woman named Darla in an alleyway. Typical of his character, Liam couldn’t resist, and approached Darla, offering to ‘escort’ her out of it safely. They started to talk.

Darla told Liam that she could show him the world, alluding to her vampiric abilities. Liam says that he wasn’t afraid, asking for her to show him.

This is the moment that Darla sires him, instructing him to close his eyes before biting down on his neck – and Liam, previously just an Irish drunk that would bicker with his father, became ‘Angelus’, a vampire that would soon be known as the Scourge of Europe. 


After his body was buried, Liam, no longer a human, became a vampire. Darla appeared at his grave, resulting in Angelus drinking blood for the first time after a groundskeeper confronts them.

At Darla’s word, he then murdered everyone in his village, starting with his own family. He later said their blood was the “sweetest of all”. 

His little sister, confused as to how her brother had risen from the dead, believed him to be an angel at first and invited him into the home without realizing who he had become. This is thought to be where Liam got the inspiration for his new name, before killing his sister, mother, and father. 

Liam then became ‘Angelus’, the vicious vampire known as the ‘Scourge of Europe’.  Both he and Darla embarked on a monstrous rampage throughout the UK and Europe.

Angelus had multiple aliases, including ‘The Demon with an Angel’s Face’ and ‘The One with the Angelic Face’. Both of these aliases referred to how he was beautiful and could be charming, but underneath it all he was evil. 

He was known as one of the most vicious and malicious vampires in history, to the point that even Big Bad’s such as the Master and the First Evil had respect for his lack of humanity.

Despite this, Angelus, upon meeting the Master (the Big Bad that Buffy Summers and the gang would face later on) for the first time, mocked his elder, despite the Masters’ extreme power and standing, and made it clear that he didn’t care about the Order of Aurelius’ plot to bring about the end of the world. 

In 1764, both Angelus and Darla decided to kill the wife and son of Daniel Holtz, a vampire hunter. They also made his daughter a vampire, which, in turn, led the vampire hunter to kill her. As a result of this, Holtz chased Darla and Angelus throughout Europe, killing almost four hundred vampires as he did. 

Holtz followed them through Arles, Vienna, Madrid, Marseilles, Northern Africa, and Rome, before giving up and settling down in York for a while. In 1774, Sahjhan, a demon, offered to bring him to the future, provided that Holtz killed Angel and Darla. 

Angelus would later meet Drusilla, a young woman, in 1860, after Darla kidnapped her as a present for Angelus. Drusilla had the power of foresight, which she considered a curse. Angelus disguised himself as a priest at her convent, before killing her entire family whilst making her watch. 

This caused Drusilla to run away from the convent, with Angelus later killing everyone in the convent too. 

Angelus and Darla both had sex on top of Drusilla, causing her to become completely insane. Angelus then transformed her into a vampire, relishing in the fact that the torment that he had caused her would be never-ending as a result of her vampirism. 

Drusilla then sired a poet called William Pratt, as she wanted her own companion. To begin with, William looked up to Angelus, until Angelus had sex with Drusilla, with the main purpose of upsetting William after realizing that William liked her. William would later take the name, ‘Spike’. 

The Ritual of Restoration – How Angelus became Angel 

Angelus’ reign of terror ended in 1898. Angelus and Darla finally got their comeuppance. Darla kidnapped a daughter of the Kalderash people, with Angelus torturing, raping, and killing her. 

Enraged and vengeful, the Kalderdash people cursed him by returning his soul with the ‘Ritual of Restoration’, which forced him to feel guilty for all of the evil things that he had done. Angelus then became weak and beggarly, unable to feed as a result of his newfound conscience. 

He rejoined Darla in 1900, going on to only feed on evil people, such as murderers and rapists, as well as animals, all the while trying to protect innocent people from Darla.

When Darla eventually realized what Angel was doing, she told him to feed on a baby as a way of proving himself. Angelus refused, running away with the baby, for a while avoiding humans entirely.

In 1905, he traveled to the United States, arriving in New York City. Throughout the 1920s, he lived in Chicago. Whilst here, he prevented a small dog from being run over, but had to stop himself from feeding on the owner of the dog after she tried to seduce him – he rejected her. 

While in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the demon, Boone, called Angelus out after they had a disagreement. They had a fight that went on for over three and a half hours, however, when the sun came up, Boone let him go. After this, Angelus went to Missoula, Montana.

Later, during the Second World War in 1943, he was assigned a mission by the ‘Demon Research Initiative’, a secret US agency.

This is where he referred to himself as ‘Angel’ for the first time, after informing them that he had shortened his name. The mission brought him face to face with Spike, but Angel ultimately accomplished his goal. 

He then hid until the war was over, as he only completed the mission to avoid the US government contacting him again. He then went to Las Vegas, which is where he met Bugsy Siegel, a gangster. 

In Los Angeles, 1952, Angel lived in the Hyperion Hotel. He tried his best to keep himself to himself, avoiding everyone and ignoring all of the abnormal incidents that took place in the hotel.

This was until he discovered Judy Kovacs, a young woman, who tried to hide in Angel’s hotel room because of a man chasing her.  Angel made it so that the man was no longer a threat and tried to avoid Judy after this point. 

Despite his reluctance, Judy and Angel surprisingly became friends after she persistently tried to talk and interact with him. This led Angel to try to help with the incidents taking place within the hotel. 

These incidents turned out to be the work of a Thesualc demon, which was wreaking havoc on the hotel by causing everyone within it to experience pathological paranoia. The residents and staff of the hotel looked at Judy as a suspect after a private detective fed into their paranoia. 

This led Judy to put the attention on Angel instead, telling them that he had been seen with blood. The hotel staff and residents beat and hung Angel. He then left them to the mercy of the Thesulac demon, abandoning them, despite the fact that he would have been able to stop it.

Throughout the 1960s, Angel met the Rat Pack a few times whilst in Las Vegas. Interestingly, in 1967, he went to the wedding reception of Elvis and Priscilla, as well as going to Los Angeles for the first taping of the Carol Burnett Show. 

In the late 1970s, he was a witness to the robbery of a doughnut shop in New York. An employee had been shot, and Angel was there as he died. He fed on the blood of the body, as he was able to resist his urges, leaving him disgusted at himself.

He became homeless once again, feeding mainly on rats.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season One 

In 1996, Angel was persuaded by the Whistler to travel to Los Angeles to fight against evil, where he watches the newly called slayer, Buffy Summers, from afar.

Angel fell in love with her, as he watched her struggle with her responsibilities as a slayer and her parent’s divorce. He knew that she was going to move to Sunnydale the next year, so moved there ahead of her in order to help her. 

Angel found an apartment in Sunnydale and lived on a diet of purely pigs blood. He first crossed paths with the slayer after she moved to Sunnydale. He gifted her a silver cross and warned her about the upcoming Harvest. 

It was a little while before Buffy became aware of Angel’s true vampire nature, despite Angel’s assistance. He revealed his true identity by accident, after they kissed in Buffy’s bedroom, causing him to run away.

Buffy mistakenly thought that he attacked her mother, Joyce, after Darla tricked Joyce into inviting her inside before biting her.

This leads Angel and Darla to fight, with Angel killing Darla after Buffy got involved. Angel explained the nature of his curse – he revealed that he had a soul, and told her that he had killed the favorite daughter of the Kalderash people. 

The two initially attempted to stay apart as a result, but later began to date each other, with Buffy’s friends, also known as ‘the Scooby Gang’, comprising of Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and Buffy’s Watcher, Rupert Giles, slowly growing to trust Angel. 

Season Two

Spike and Drusilla decide to set up shop in Sunnydale. When Buffy happened across both Angel and Drusilla talking, Angel explained that he had sired her. Spike kidnapped Angel in order to attempt to help Drusilla become strong and healthy again. 

Buffy and her friends were later able to save him, however, Drusilla’s health was still able to recover. This is when Spike and Drusilla decide to awaken the Judge, a demon that will bring about the apocalypse.

Angel gave Buffy a Claddagh ring for her birthday before leaving to distribute a piece of the Judge abroad to hide it from Spike and Drusilla, preventing them from reforming him.  

The Claddagh ring is a gift traditionally given in order to court a lady in Ireland. Angel is unable to leave before Spike and his followers arrive. After escaping, they both hid at Angel’s apartment, where they had sex for the first time. 

As outlined by the curse, if Angel experienced one moment of happiness, the curse would be lifted and his soul would be taken away, which is what happened after they have sex. Angel, who was now, once again, 

Angelus, tormented Buffy, disgusted at the weakness that had come with as a result of his soul-possessed alter-ego’s ability to feel love for her. He, Spike, and Drusilla joined forces again, and Angelus enjoyed scaring both the slayer and her friends. The trio was able to awaken the Judge, however, Buffy defeated him. 

This encouraged Angelus to torment her further. He sent her pictures that he had drawn of her whilst she was sleeping, as well as horrible messages, and he also hunted her classmates. He also told Buffy’s mother, Joyce, that the two of them had had sex. 

Angelus murdered one of Buffy’s teachers, and a member of the Kalderash clan, Jennifer Calendar, which helped him to prevent her from restoring his soul. Jenny was also Giles’s love interest, which tormented Giles as well as enraged him. 

Giles tried to get revenge, however, he only destroyed the factory that Angelus resided in at the time. After this, Angel, Spike, and Drusilla made an abandoned mansion their home instead. 

Drusilla spoke about awakening a demon named Acathla, which would cause the world to end. As they did not know how the ritual was supposed to be performed, Angelus decided to kidnap Giles, successfully torturing him until he told him how to complete the ritual.

Angelus was able to perform the ritual, creating a vortex that went through to Acathla’s dimension. As this happens, Willow is finally able to perform the Ritual of Restoration, restoring Angel’s soul. 

The only way to stop Acathla and save the world was with the blood of whoever summoned him, meaning that although Angel’s soul had been returned, Buffy had to kill him, using a blessed sword to stab him. The vortex closes, taking Angel with it, and sending him to Hell.

Season Three

Angel is brought back or released from hell, although it’s never explained how. Angel returns in a damaged state, almost feral, as a result of the torture he had endured whilst in Hell.

Whilst only a few months had passed on Earth, Angel had experienced the equivalent of a century of torment whilst in Hell due to the fact that time passes differently in different dimensions. 

Buffy looks after him, unbeknownst to her friends, keeping Angel restrained as a security measure. This security measure is proved ineffective when Angel is able to break the chains restraining him in order to save Buffy from Peter Clarner – however, this allowed a shadow of his former self to break through.

After saving Buffy by killing him, Angel can say her name again, recognizing her and remembering who she was. 

When the Scooby Gang finds out about Angel’s return, they feel betrayed and angry as a result of how evil he was as Angelus. When Angel saves Willow from Gwendolyn Post, a former watcher, the Scooby Gang slowly starts to accept him again. 

Angel starts to realize that he had returned from hell with a purpose, however, he does not know what that is.

When he is tormented by the First Evil at Christmas, he starts to suspect that this purpose may not be for the good, as the First Evil claims that they are responsible for Angel being released from Hell. 

After the First Evil used its shapeshifting abilities in order to take on the appearances of people that Angel had murdered as Angelus and tempt Angel to kill Buffy, Angel decides to commit suicide by sunrise, ignoring Buffy’s attempts at convincing him to stop and waiting for the sun to rise. 

Instead, Sunnydale experienced snow for the first time, and the sun was unable to harm Angel for the entirety of Christmas as a result of the thick cloud cover. 

When the other and most recently called Slayer, named Faith Lehane, killed the Deputy Mayor, Allan Finch, Faith went rogue, and Angel tried to bring her back. Unfortunately, when Wesley Wyndham Price, (Buffy’s new watcher after Giles got fired) and a special ops team got involved, this was not successful. 

Faith then became a double-agent, betraying the Scooby Gang and joining the side of Mayor Richard Wilkins. When they tried to remove Angel’s soul, Angel pretended that this was successful.

This, however, turned out to be an act, so that Angel could find out about Faith’s plan and expose the fact that was working for Mayor Wilkins. 

The couple tried to have a regular relationship, by doing patrols with more scenic routes, having a picnic date whilst in the cemetery, and other things that would be more typical of a normal couple around Buffy’s age. 

The fact that Buffy would not be able to have a family, regular life, or relationship with Angel started to plague him. These feelings are repeated by both Mayor Wilkins and Joyce, causing Angel to make the decision to both break off his relationship with Buffy and get away from Sunnydale. 

As a result, Angel broke up with Buffy whilst in a sewer – but, he still surprised her at her prom by turning up to be her date. 

Faith then infected Angel with a poison called ‘Killer of the Dead’. This poison was fatal to vampires, and as a result, started to slowly kill Angel. To make a tricky situation a lot worse, the only way to save him was by using the blood of a Slayer. 

Buffy initially tried to use Faith’s blood – however, this did not work after Buffy stabbed Faith in battle, with Faith choosing to fall from the edge of a roof to a moving truck below, meaning that Buffy lost all hope of using Faith as a cure. Instead, Buffy was left with no choice but to make Angel feed on her own. 

Angel tried to resist, but drinks after Buffy becomes violent. Angel almost killed her when feeding, and she lost consciousness as a result, but he quickly regained his health  and was able to carry Buffy to a hospital in time. Mayor Wilkins is already in the hospital at this point, with Faith in a coma. 

While Buffy was in the hospital, Angel had to stop Mayor Wilkins’s attempt to smother her with his hand over her mouth. After this, he decided to stay in Sunnydale until the Sunnydale High graduation, as this was also the same day as the Mayor’s Ascension.

He told Buffy that if they survived, he would leave straight away without exchanging goodbyes. 

At the battle of the Ascension, he led a small group of fighters, with the group managing to surround the Mayor’s fleeing vampire fighters. After Giles blew up both the Mayor and Sunnydale High School, Angel kept true to his promise of leaving without saying goodbye, however, he shared one last lingering look with Buffy before leaving. 

Angel, The Television Show 

Whilst Angel’s character arc within Buffy the Vampire Slayer is complex, it gets even better within the Angel TV show. 

Season One

After leaving Sunnydale, Angel went to Los Angeles. When he first arrived, he once again tried to avoid humans, as feeding on Buffy had reignited his blood lust, making his thirst harder to control. Before long, he came across Allen Francis Doyle, who, as well as being Irish like Angel, was also a half-Brachen demon. 

Doyle had precognitive abilities, and he tells Angel that he was sent to be a guide to Angel by the Powers That Be.

Doyle was able to show Angel his purpose again, by showing him how keeping himself separate from people would allow him to forget why he was protecting them in the first place, possibly leading him to begin feeding on them again. 

Shortly after this, Angel came across Cordelia Chase, a former student of Sunnydale High who had helped (and annoyed) the Scooby Gang on various occasions. Cordelia had moved to Los Angeles with the dream to become a famous actress. 

She found herself in trouble after Russell Winters, a vampire with a lot of influence in Hollywood, the owner of Russell Winters Enterprises and a client of the evil interdimensional law firm, Wolfram & Hart, invited her to his mansion under the guise of offering her assistance with her dream. 

After Angel saved Cordelia from Russell, the three (Angel, Doyle, and Cordelia) set up a private detective agency, called ‘Angel Investigations’ with the aim to “help the helpless” – giving the trio the ability to connect with people in need of their help, instead of just randomly happening across incidents. 

However, this wasn’t without it’s consequences, as it wasn’t long before the agency was noticed by Wolfram & Hart, causing complications. 

Angel Investigations were successful in helping a number of people and managed to do a lot of good as a result. However, it wasn’t long before Doyle had a vision that Buffy was in danger, so Angel left Los Angeles for Sunnydale so that he could help. 

He assisted the Scooby Gang without making Buffy aware of his presence to avoid distracting her. She found out that Angel had been there, after he had left. This caused her to go to Los Angeles, turning up at the Angel Investigations office to angrily confront him about it. A Mohra demon attacks them, and although they were able to injure it, the demon escaped. 

They were both able to trace the Mohra demon to some sewers, and whilst there, they agreed to stay apart.  The two split up to find the demon, so Angel came across it on his own.

He tried to kill the Mohra demon and seemed to succeed, however, the demon wounded Angel, and some of the demon’s blood mixed into Angel’s wound. This caused Angel to become human again. 

Angel went to the Oracles of the Powers That Be to ask if it was real, and they told him it was, and that he would have all of the joys, but also all of the weaknesses that come with being human.

Angel and Buffy realized that they could finally be happy with each other, and to begin with, they spent time enjoying this. It wasn’t long before the Mohra demon, now regenerated, came after them.  

Buffy was able to kill it, however, Angel’s loss of his vampiric abilities meant that he was significantly weaker and much less of an asset in battle. Before the Mohra demon died, it said that the end of the days had begun, and more soldiers of darkness were coming.

Angel, worried for Buffy’s safety, asked the Oracles to take his humanity away so that he would be able to protect her. 

He told the Oracles that he would be more useful as a vampire. The Oracles gave him what he wanted, and they reversed time so that the day in which he had been human had never happened, starting the day again from before the Mohra demon had attacked them. Angel was the person to remember what had happened. 

Doyle became one of Angels most trusted friends, and when he died saving innocent people (transferring his powers to Cordelia as he did so), Wesley, who had been a temporary Watcher to Buffy and Faith, joined Angel Investigations shortly after, as they needed the help, and Wesley was eager to oblige. 

Charlie Gunn, who had been a demon hunter his entire life, grew to trust Angel after he tried to help save Gunn’s little sister’s life – albeit, sadly, unsuccessfully.

Faith attempted to kill Angel on Wolfram & Hart’s orders, and Buffy tried to kill her in return. Angel intervened when Faith begged him to kill her, choosing to help her despite the number of forces after her – including Buffy, the Watchers Council, and the police. Faith eventually turned herself in. Later, Angel and Buffy got into an argument.

 Buffy was in a new relationship with someone called Riley, and she used this against him. Angel ordered her out of his city – but then went to Sunnydale to apologize to her. They agree to only talk over the phone from that point onward. 

Later, Angel discovered that he may be able to become human again, as the Shanshu prophecy foretold that a vampire with a soul would have this opportunity if they carried out their duty when the impending apocalypse began to occur. 

Season Two 

Darla was brought back to life by Wolfram & Hart, after being killed by Angel years before. Darla was now human, however, and had the intention of bringing Angelus back. Angel, on the other hand, wanted to try to save her soul, as she had a chance to be good and redeem herself as a human. 

Despite Angel’s efforts, however, Wolfram & Hart also recruit Drusilla, ordering her to turn Darla, returning Darla to her vampire form.

Angel fires Cordelia, Gunn, and Wesley as a result, to protect them, and instead makes it his goal to get revenge on Wolfram & Hart, allowing himself to be as vicious as he needed to be to get the job done. 

As part of this, he allowed both Drusilla and Darla to kill a group of important Wolfram & Hart lawyers – however, they decide to leave both Lindsey Mcdonald and Lilah Morgan, two of Wolfram & Hart’s employees, behind so they could become liaisons, allowing contact between them and Wolfram & Hart (and the Senior Partners, as a result). 

Angel then started to train, making sure he has the strength and skill necessary to battle both Drusilla and Darla so that he could protect Los Angeles, as the two intended on destroying it. 

Holland Manners, an executive and important lawyer at Wolfram & Hart, convinced Angel that there was no hope by explaining that Wolfram & Hart were so powerful as a result of the evil that exists inherently within humanity.

In an interesting turn of events, Angel then had sex with Darla, who he had been becoming increasingly obsessed with, in an attempt to remove the curse – and, as a result, his soul. 

This didn’t happen, however, and he instead had the realization that he could still fight for good instead of evil, even if that meant that he wouldn’t be able to help as much as he would want to. Darla was repulsed by this, and left the city, with Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn eventually reuniting, 

Angel traveled back to Sunnydale to help comfort Buffy when her mother, Joyce, died. He stayed with her all night and left when the sun began to come up. 

Later, Willow informed Angel that Buffy has died when they come back after recruiting a new member of their team, Winifred Burkle, also known as Fred. 

Season Three

Angel mourned Buffy’s death for a while but then returned to Los Angeles after finding the will to keep fighting. It wasn’t long before Darla also returned to Los Angeles, pregnant with Angel’s child. 

This, as per vampire biology, was supposed to be impossible, but they soon discovered that it happened as a result of Angel winning ‘a life‘ in the Trials.

Darla was told that her baby was impossible to abort, and eventually killed herself using a stake, leaving the baby behind – this allowed Angel to make peace with Darla, and forgive her, to an extent. 

Angel then became a father, and struggled with raising his and Darla’s baby, who he named Connor (an Irish name, of course). Many enemies wanted to kidnap Connor because he was the child of two vampires, and this meant that Angel and the team frequently had to protect him.

Angel and Cordelia started to develop feelings for each other, however, Angel didn’t express them. 

Holtz, an old enemy of Angel’s – and a vampire hunter – kidnapped Connor, taking him to a hell dimension called Quor’toth, after Wesley accidentally caused the prophecy, “the father will kill the son” to be realized. Angel attempted to kill Wesley but instead, Wesley was fired. 

Time passed faster in the other dimension than it did in Angel’s, meaning that when Connor returned after a few days, he was fully grown, with the belief that his father is evil and soulless, which took away all Angel’s chances of raising his child himself. 

Holtz’s lover framed Angel for his death when Holtz killed himself, and Connor then took revenge on Angel by locking Angel in a metal box, leaving him at the bottom of the ocean. 

Season Four

Wesley managed to rescue Angel from the ocean, however, Angel was forced to face the blossoming relationship between his son and Cordelia, who was suffering from amnesia after being made into a higher being, but instead chose to return to Earth after feeling trapped. 

The team then removed Angel’s soul in an effort to find out more information about the Beast when Cordelia had a vision about a potential history between both Angelus and the Beast that Angel may not have been able to recall whilst with a soul.

Angelus was able to thwart Angel Investigations’ attempt to keep him trapped, managing to escape and kill the Beast – although, this was just for his enjoyment. 

Angelus also realized that the Beast was the follower of an even more powerful evil. Angelus fought with Faith, who had the Orpheus drug running through her veins, with Faith maintaining the upper hand until Angelus fed on her blood when she did not kill him.

Luckily, Willow was able to perform the spell to return Angel’s soul, and Angel returned, once again. 

The team finally found out that Jasmine, the Beast’s master, had possessed Cordelia – which explained all of her and Connor’s strange behavior. Jasmine had been manipulating Angel’s life for a while to be able to exist on Earth – although, this was unknown to him. 

When she was born, as a result of Cordelia’s seduction of Connor (and resultant pregnancy), Jasmine took control of the whole of humanity, under the guise of attempting to achieve world peace. 

Angel was able to return everyone’s free will, and Lilah, who appeared to be alive, offered Angel the CEO position of their Los Angeles branch in reward, which Angel decided to accept.

He bargained for the removal of Connor’s memories so that he could have a mundane life and family, as well as for their efforts to revive the comatose Cordelia. 

Angel then went to Los Angeles to deliver the Amulet to Buffy, which would later help the Scooby gang in their battle against the First Evil when Spike used it to destroy the Turok-Han vampires, as well as the Hellmouth, sacrificing himself. 

While Angel wanted to help Buffy and the Scooby gang, Buffy told him to prepare a second front, in case they were not successful in stopping the First Evil. When Buffy told him that it would take her a  long time, but she sometimes thought about having a future with Angel, he replied saying “ I ain’t gettin’ any older,”. 

Season Five

Angel was now the CEO of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart, and the Angel Investigations team were now employees, merging both the firm and the agency. The Amulet that Spike had used at the Battle of the Hellmouth was returned to the L.A. Wolfram & Hart office, with Spike rematerializing out of the amulet as a ghost. 

As a result, Spike now had much more in common with Angel than previously, as they both possessed souls and were both in love with Buffy. They were forced to explore their history with each other and their mutual journeys to receiving souls when fighting over the Cup of Perpetual Torment.

The outcome of the fight determined which of the two was the ‘Champion’. 

Spike was able to defeat Angel for the first time, and as a result, Angel started to believe that Spike may be the vampire spoken about in the Shanshu prophecy. 

This was revealed to be a ruse, as Lindsey Mcdonald intended to usurp Angel from his position as CEO. Spike and Angel realized that they could work together as an extremely effective team against evil, as a result of their many years of experience with each other. 

Their knowledge of each other meant that they already understood how the other operated, allowing them to fight together flawlessly. 

Angel was then turned into a puppet when investigating Smile Time, a children’s television show. He was able to prevent the puppet demon’s plans from unfolding, saving the children.

After he finally reverted back to his vampire form, Angel began to date the werewolf, Nina Ash, after realizing that she was interested in him. 

Cordelia then woke up from her coma, and Angel and Cordelia revealed their feelings for each other, sharing a kiss. Cordelia used this to give Angel a vision which he would receive later that evening. This vision helped him to come up with a plan to take on the Senior Partners. 

Connor slew the demon Sahjhan, fulfilling his destiny, which reunited him with Angel as a result.

Connor was able to remember everything, including the fact that Angel was his father – although he informed Angel that whilst he was thankful that Angel had done so much for him, he didn’t want to have a father-son relationship with him. 

Angel then decided to pretend to be evil to fool the Senior Partners, planning to prevent them from carrying out their plans of an apocalypse by loosening their hold on Earth.

To do this, Angel also convinced his friends that he was evil, telling them that he wanted to become a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn. To prove his loyalty, he removed his claim to the Shanshu prophecy.  

Angel put a glamor over the group as they are fighting, which allowed them all to discuss in secret. He let them in on his plan to take the Circle, telling them that they needed to kill every member and to act as if it was their last day on Earth, as it seemed unlikely that they would survive. 

The group all made the most of being alive for a day, before beginning to carry out their plan, all splitting up so that they could target their selected Circle member. 

Both Angel and Connor went head to head with Marcus Hamilton, the second liaison to (and a child of) the Senior Partners.

Wesley was killed in this battle, leaving Angel, Spike, and Illyria (one of the Old Ones reincarnated in Fred Bruckle’s body) to work together, trying their best to hold back the forces that the Senior Partners had sent in revenge. 


In 2007, Joss Whedon created two comics, both of which were canonical continuations of their respective television series; Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, published by Dark Horse Comics, and Angel: After the Fall, published by IDW Publishing. 

Angel appears in both of these comics – firstly, within Buffy’s dreams in Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight, however, his character is later revealed to have been there the entire time. Angel then becomes a fairly regular character within the comics, for their duration. 

Angel then appeared as the main character with Angel: After the Fall, which sees Angel and his friends in a hell dimension created by the Senior Partners after the final battle in the television series.

Angel is human, as the chosen punishment of the Senior Partners. He is able to take on his old vampire powers to a point, with the help of Wesley and a dragon that he befriends. 

He eventually defeats the Demon Lords of L.A – but not before Gunn, who has now become a vampire, almost kills Angel. Angel is revived by the Senior Partners but later allows Gunn to kill him to reverse time, back to before the Fall – the end of the Angel Television show.

Angel is able to save Gunn, stopping him from becoming a vampire. Both he and Connor are, once again, reunited. Angel then continues his battle against evil. 

Later, within the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic books, Angel takes on the identity of ‘Twilight’, becoming the head of a cabal of both humans and demons known as the ‘Twilight Group’, a cabal that aimed to destroy all of the new Slayers that were created after the defeat of the First Evil in the ‘Battle of the Hellmouth’. 

He uses this position to help Buffy by distracting the cabal, as well as to motivate Buffy to improve her concentration and strength. Angel and Buffy have sex, rising to a dimension known as Twilight – however, they create a new universe in the process.  

Angel rebels against the real Twilight, but Twilight instead possesses him, which leads to a battle with the Scooby Gang in Sunnydale (which is in ruins after the Battle of the Hellmouth). 

Buffy destroys the ‘Seed of Wonder’ when Angel tries to kill Buffy and Spike, succeeding in breaking Giles’ neck. The Seed is the source of all of the magic on Earth, however, destroying it prevents the Twilight dimension from obliterating the world they are in.

This brings about the ‘End of Magic’, and Angel is released from his possession. 

Angel also appears as the main character in Angel and Faith, the storyline of which keeps in line with the Buffy Season Nine comics. This series is set in London, and it sees Angel ward off the Whistler, as well as deal with the consequences of his actions whilst possessed by Twilight. He lives with Faith in Giles’ former apartment. 

Angel has the goal of resurrecting Giles – and he is successful – however, Giles returns as a teenager. They are able to prevent the Whistler from allowing a magical plague to take over the world, however, they aren’t able to prevent the plague from taking hold in a small area of Hackney, in London. Faith and Giles go back to America, leaving Angel to protect Magic Town, which is what the plagued area became. 

The residents of Magic Town suffer adverse side effects from the plague, including mutating into different types of supernatural creatures. A subsequent comic was released, in which the events that take place within Magic Town as a result of these creatures unravel.  

Other comics that the character appears in include Spike, Angel and Faith: Season 10 and Angel and Faith: Season 11, as well as the remainder of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics.


Angel is known to be a very reserved, dark, and broody sort of character. He is self-destructive (and destructive) as a result of his soulless alter-ego, Angelus.

As a result, Angel comes across as a cynical, self-loathing character – probably as a result of his inability to achieve true happiness without unleashing Angelus. He is also – sometimes, infuriatingly – cryptic. Angel is a good leader and has no problem being bossy.

Angel as Angel is evil and vicious, known for his bloody rampage across Europe. Angelus is obsessive and will toy with his victims, tormenting them for enjoyment instead of just to feed.

This led him to emotionally and physically torture his victims, before finally either killing them or, in the case of Drusilla, turning them into a vampire. 

Angel is known to be a ‘tortured soul’, due to his guilt over his murderous past. As a result, he is completely dedicated to his fight against evil, and he feels a need to protect the innocent as a way to make up for his previous sins as Angelus.

Angel can be seen to frequently bottle up his true feelings, putting his happiness aside for others, and often appears anti-social as a result of his reluctance to become close to humans. 

Angel can be seen to be fiercely protective (as well as possessive) of those he loves, on the rare occasion that he allows himself to become close to someone.

He is also obsessive, to the point that he would sometimes blur the lines between good and evil when attempting to fulfill a goal – or vendetta. 


Angel is frequently described as attractive, and subsequently known as “the one with the angelic face”. Depending on the century, Angel’s appearance can differ.

As Liam, Angel had long hair that he would either wear in a ponytail or loose, and he would wear traditional clothing, such as full length, cloth dusters.

He slowly cut his hair shorter as it became fashionable, finally settling on a shorter hairstyle in which he would have slightly flicked up hair by the time that he met Buffy.

He would mainly wear a black duster, a white t-shirt, and black trousers, along with smart shoes, although variations can include white wife beaters, dress shirts in darker colors, as well as gray and black sweaters.  As a CEO of Wolfram & Hart, he would sometimes slick his hair over.  

Angel had a tattoo of an A incorporated into the tail of a griffin underneath his right shoulder. 


Of course, Angel is a vampire, meaning that he comes with all of the standard abilities that vampires possess, as well as the increased strength and power that comes with a vampire’s age. This means that Angel has an acute sense of smell, as well as superhuman strength, speed, and immortality. 

Angel is extremely powerful as a result of his age, meaning that he is stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury than many of the vampires that he faces in battle.

However, being a vampire also means that Angel is vulnerable to sunlight, stakes, crosses, and Holy Water. He cannot enter a residence without being invited in, and he has to provide his body with mammal blood regularly, to stay at full strength.

Angel is extremely skilled in combat, as a result of his many years of training and experience fighting a range of challenging supernatural opponents. He is confident in the use of a large number of weapons, however, his particular expertise lies with broadswords. 

He has extensive knowledge of demons, magic, and the occult as a result, once again, of his many years of experience. 

As well as this, Angel can speak multiple languages, including Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, and Latin, amongst others, and has shown himself to be a talented artist. 



Angel’s sire, and his subsequent companion for over a century as Angelus. Angel and Darla revisit their history multiple times throughout the Buffy and Angel storylines, both verbally and physically. 


Buffy is Angel’s main love interest, The two explore their relationship throughout the early seasons of Buffy, and continue to struggle with the challenges of being together many times throughout the rest of the Buffy and Angel storylines. 


Whilst Cordelia first meets Angel in Sunnydale, they both start to develop feelings for each other later on, after she has left high school and is working with him as part of Angel Investigations in Los Angeles. 


Nina and Angel started a relationship after her transformation into a werewolf led her to go to Wolfram & Hart once a month, allowing herself to be trapped in a cage in order to prevent herself from hurting anyone. 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season One:

  • Episode one – “Welcome to the Hellmouth”
  • Episode two – “The Harvest”
  • Episode four – “Teacher’s Pet”
  • Episode five – “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date”
  • Episode seven – “Angel”
  • Episode eleven – “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”
  • Episode twelve – “Prophecy Girl”

Season Two:

  • The entire season, apart from “Inca Mummy Girl”

Season Three

  • The entire season, other than the first two episodes, in which he appears in the form of visions.

Season Four

  • Episode one – “The Freshman” (vision)
  • Episode eight – “Pangs”
  • Episode twenty “The Yoko Factor”

Season Five

  • Episode seven – “Fool for Love” (flashback)
  • Episode seventeen – “Forever”

Season Seven

  • Episode twenty-one – “End of Days”
  • Episode twenty-two – “Chosen”


His character appears in the entirety of the Angel television series. 


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