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Cassie Newton was a minor character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who made her first appearance during the show’s seventh season. She was originally created by Joss Whedon and was portrayed by Azura Skye.

In contrast to other minor characters, who would often leave little impact on the events of the show, Cassie was used by the writers to foreshadow future events, such as Buffy’s declaration of love to Spike and the final battle against the Turok-Han.

Born with precognitive powers, Cassie was not only able to predict the future of the season but also her own death, which led to her initial encounter with Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scooby Gang.

During her time on the show, Buffy and the Scoobies would attempt to stop Cassie’s predicted demise, with Dawn Summers even forming a close relationship with the character.

However, they were unable to save Cassie as her death was not influenced by supernatural forces. Because of this, Cassie remains one of only two characters to appear on the show who have died of natural causes.

Due to her talent for predicting future events, Cassie has become a character of interest among the fandom, who believe that her visions may have predicted other elements of the final season.

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Before the events of the show, Cassie was born in Sunnydale and raised by her two parents, who would later divorce because of her father’s alcohol problem. While her mother would obtain full custody, Cassie would still visit her father for one weekend every month, with the two developing a close and loving relationship.

While studying at Sunnydale High, Cassie was known for her kind nature and creative talents, as she managed her own blog where she uploaded original poems and artwork. She would attend high school with her best friend Mike Helgenberg, who had developed romantic feelings for her.

Season 7

Cassie would first encounter Buffy during her freshman year at the recently built Sunnydale High, during which time she had stopped doing her homework and was flunking many of her classes.

While Buffy believed that the strange student may have come from a troubled home, Cassie would reveal that her sudden disinterest was the result of her imminent death, which she predicted would occur the following Friday.

Shaken by their conversation and Cassie’s apparent acceptance of her fate, Buffy would make it her mission to help the girl to the best of her abilities, both as a guidance counselor and a slayer.

After Cassie was able to predict Buffy spilling coffee on her shirt, the slayer began to believe that the girl had precognitive powers and enlisted the help of her sister to befriend Cassie and learn more about her life.

Through her budding friendship with Cassie, Dawn was able to discover that Cassie’s best friend was a boy called Mike, who had asked Cassie to the winter formal numerous times.

From this conversation, Dawn was able to deduce that Mike was in love with Cassie and that she reciprocated his feelings. Upon discovering that Mike would never hurt Cassie, Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies began searching other areas of her life for potential suspects.

Through her research on Cassie, Willow Rosenberg was able to learn that her parents were divorced and that her father held a criminal record due to his violent outbursts and abuse of alcohol.

Following this news, Buffy and Xander Harris would visit Mr Newton and question him about his alcohol problem, as well as his relationship with Cassie.

During the conversation, Buffy would even go so far as to suggest that he could hurt Cassie if he was too drunk. However, Mr Newton would rebuke this statement and speak openly about his love for his daughter. He would also reveal that since the divorce he was only allowed to see Cassie for one weekend every month.

Upon discovering that Mr Newton had already had this weekend with Cassie, Buffy was able to confirm that he was not a suspect, as he would never see his daughter again before her supposed death.

After apologizing for their questions, Buffy and Xander would encounter Cassie hiding in the bushes, where she would confirm that her father was not the cause of her death.

During this interaction, Cassie would also express her appreciation for Buffy’s help, even though she considered her attempts to be futile.

After being asked if she was planning to commit suicide, Cassie would give a speech about all the things she would miss about life, confirming that her future death would not be caused by her own hands.

While walking home with Dawn, Cassie would reveal that she knew Dawn was Buffy’s sister and that she had been sent to befriend her. While Dawn was shocked by this revelation, Cassie would also reveal that she didn’t care, as she had grown close to Dawn and now considered her a dear friend.

During this conversation, Cassie would also assure Dawn that what happened next was not her fault. After this, Dawn would be approached by a boy named Peter, who wanted to ask her a question about the upcoming dance. Assuming that he wanted to ask her out, Dawn would turn back in frustration and discover that Cassie had vanished.

Following this, Buffy would track Cassie and her abductors to the high school library, where a cult of hooded students had gathered. Upon discovering the group, Buffy would don a robe and conceal herself among the members, where she would learn that Peter was the leader and mastermind behind the abduction.

It would also be revealed that Peter intended to sacrifice Cassie to a powerful demon, who had promised to reward him with infinite wealth. However, Buffy would then reveal her identity and battle the students with the help of Spike.

After defeating the cult and slaying the demon, Buffy would help to set Cassie free before walking her through the corridors of the school, where Cassie would gasp and fall to the ground dead.

The next day, Buffy and the Scooby Gang would gather and discuss Cassie’s death, with it being revealed that she had died from a congenital heart defect.

While Buffy knew there was nothing she could have done, she continued to blame herself for Cassie’s demise and regard herself as a failure. However, Dawn would rebuke this claim and praise Buffy for trying to help, even stating that without Buffy’s intervention she would never have met Cassie and become her friend.

Now believing Cassie did harbour psychic abilities, the Scooby Gang were left to question the nature of fate and its repercussions.

The First Evil

Following her death, an apparition of Cassie would appear to Willow, claiming to have been sent from the afterlife by Tara Maclay. While Willow was happy to receive any contact from her deceased lover, the conversation would soon take a dark turn, with Cassie stating that Willow’s magic would one day corrupt her and kill her friends.

At first, Willow believed Cassie and promised to stop using her powers to fight evil. However, when Cassie suggested that Willow kill herself to save her loved ones, the spell was broken and Willow was able to deduce that the entity was not Cassie’s ghost.

Upon discovering her true identity, Cassie would reveal herself as the First Evil in disguise and turn inside out before vanishing into thin air.


In terms of her personality, Cassie was kind, generous and creative, with the character even managing her own blog of original art and poems.

While she was not the most out-going character on the show, Cassie was shown to be a very sociable person and even befriended Dawn despite knowing that Buffy had recruited her. However, it seems her detached facade did attract the attention of her peers, with Peter believing that she was suicidal and therefore a prime candidate for his sacrifice.

Upon discovering that she was going to die, Cassie would accept her fate without question, demonstrating a maturity that would distinguish her from the rest of the Scoobies. However, this did not mean that Cassie was totally void of any emotion, as she once spoke at length about all the things she would miss because of her death, leading her to break down in tears.

Although Cassie seemed to accept her death, it was clear that she was still just a teenager and that she feared what the unknown would bring.

While searching for any people who could want to potentially harm Cassie, Buffy and Dawn would discover that Mike had asked Cassie to the winter formal on countless occasions, with both assuming that the repeated rejection would drive him to revenge.

However, it was revealed that Mike has a crush on Cassie and that she also harboured romantic feelings in return. But since she knew she was going to die, Cassie chose not to act on them. This demonstrates her kind nature, as she didn’t want to hurt anyone before her death.


When Cassie was alive, she was a pretty young woman with long blonde hair that was punctuated with purple streaks. She would usually wear her hair loose around her face and could often be found sporting a natural look without any makeup.

Beyond this, Cassie displayed waifish features and could be distinguished by her pale skin and electric blue eyes. While enrolled at Sunnydale High, Cassie would often wear long skirts and t-shirts, with the latter often depicting anime characters and cute graphics.

Interestingly, the First Evil would assume Cassie’s form following her death, so that it could manipulate Willow and drive her to suicide. While in this form, the apparition would don the same outfit that Cassie had worn on the day she died.

Powers & Abilities

Even though Cassie was only a human, she seemed to possess unique supernatural powers, which allowed her to predict accurate readings of the future. And while Cassie did not share the same psychic abilities as characters like Drusilla, she did have enough foresight to guess and receive future events.

Intuitive Precognition

Although Cassie was blessed with the gift of foresight, her precognitive abilities did not manifest themselves as visions or premonitions. Instead, her powers would take the form of vague knowledge or intuition, which meant she would know of future events but not their initial causes, leaving her helpless to prevent them.


During her time on the show, Cassie would predict several events that would all come true, with some even having a profound impact on the outcome of the final season. These predictions included:

‘Because next Friday I’m gonna die’

After her introduction, Cassie would reveal that the reason behind her sudden disinterest in school was her imminent death, which she predicted would happen the following Friday.

Although Cassie did not know the exact nature of her death, she knew her father was not responsible and that it would involve ‘weird coins’. After being saved from a demonic cult, Cassie would die due to a heart defect that ran in her family.

‘I really do like that shirt […] you should put a sweater on so it doesn’t get stained’

Upon meeting Buffy, Cassie would comment on Buffy’s shirt and advise her to wear a sweater to protect it from stains. Later that day, Buffy would bump into a desk and accidentally spill her cup of coffee, leaving her shirt stained and beyond help.

‘Hey, Mike, you’re gonna get a B’

During a conversation with her friend Mike, Cassie would predict that he would get a B on his history test, which he did the following day.

‘I know there will be coins’

When asked to share more information about her upcoming death, Cassie would reveal that it would occur the following Friday and that it would involve coins. This was a reference to the invocation of Avilas, a powerful demon capable of granting infinite riches.
‘I know you’ll go someplace dark underground’

After predicting her own death, Cassie would go on to reveal Buffy’s future descent into the underground, which could now be seen as a reference to the final battle of the season. During the series finale, Buffy would journey beneath Sunnydale High, where she would battle an army of Turok-Han.

‘She’ll tell you, someday she’ll tell you’

During the final moments of Cassie’s life, she would predict Buffy’s declaration of love to Spike, which would occur during the final battle before his death.

‘And You Will’

Before her death, Cassie would tell Buffy that she would make a difference in the world, which could be seen as a reference to Buffy sharing her power with multiple slayers across the globe.


During her time on the show, Cassie would not form any close attachments to the core members of the Scooby Gang. However, there are some notable connections that should be discussed:

Mike Helgenberg

During their freshman year at Sunnydale High, Mike and Cassie would form a close friendship, with the former even developing a crush on his dear companion. Because of his romantic interest, Mike would ask Cassie to the winter formal on countless occasions, with Cassie always answering with a negative.

While Cassie seemed to be aware of Mike’s feelings for her and even reciprocated them, she did not want to pursue a relationship because of her predictions of the future. Cassie would even go so far as to cite going to the dance with Mike as something she would miss due to her imminent death.

Despite being constantly rejected, Mike was able to accept Cassie’s decision and would even consider asking Dawn to the dance instead.

Dawn Summers

After learning about Cassie’s future demise, Buffy would recruit Dawn to befriend Cassie and discover more about her personal life. While Dawn was happy to take on the task and become a core member of the Scooby Gang, she would begin to develop a close relationship with both Cassie and Mike, with the three friends becoming a recurring trio in the school.

While walking home, Cassie would reveal that she knew Buffy had recruited Dawn to befriend her, leaving the latter shocked and concerned. However, Cassie would also reveal that she did not care, as they had grown close and Cassie now considered Dawn to be one of her friends.

Before her abduction and subsequent death, Cassie told Dawn not to blame herself for her friend’s demise. After Cassie’s passing, Dawn was left visibly shaken by the loss, although she would also thank Buffy for introducing her to Cassie.

Mr Newton

As a child, Cassie was primarily raised by her unnamed mother, who obtained full custody following her divorce from Cassie’s father. Due to legal requirements, Cassie was only allowed to see her father one weekend every month, although this arrangement would not deter their relationship.

During their search for suspects, Buffy and Xander would question Mr Newton about Cassie and his criminal past, with Buffy even implying that he would hurt Cassie under the influence of alcohol. However, Mr Newton would rebuke this claim and declare his love for Cassie, even though he did not consider her to be the brightest girl in the world.

Following this interaction, Buffy and Xander would bump into Cassie, who would confirm that her father was not her future killer.


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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 7)

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  • Cassie’s name could be derived from the Greek mythological figure of Cassandra, an oracle who was cursed to utter prophecies that no one would believe. This is somewhat similar to Cassie, as not even Xander and Willow believed in her precognitive powers.
  • Cassandra remains one of only two characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to die of natural causes, with the other being Buffy’s mother – Joyce Summers.

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