Buffy Slanguage


ANNE RICE ROUTINE – Vampire-with-a-tortured-soul actor episode
ANYWHERE BUT HERE – Fantasy game where players imagine an Elsewhere to Be (e.g., Buffy fantasizes about Gavin Rossdale massaging her feet on a beach at sunset; Willow would be eating ziti in Italy with John Cusack)


BACKSEAT MOTHERING – Unsolicited advice from non-parent
BAD PART OF TOWN – About 1/2 a block from the good part of town
BAT SIGNAL – Slayer code for distress signal
BAY CITY ROLLERS – What Giles considers ‘real music’
(THE) BIG HURT – Slayer force; murder, (“No way, no how does Buffy put the big hurt on an innocent man”)
BITCHA – formally known as “Bitch”, Xander just can not spell
BOYFRIENDLY – Worthy of dating exclusively
BREAK-AND-ENTERISH – Comfortable slay wear
BRONZE, THE – Sunnydale’s local hangout.
BUTTFACE – used in conversation, looking as though you are going to say “but” (“You have Buttface”)
in a band


CARBON DATED – Beyond passe
(A) CARRIE – Psycho prom moment in spirit of ’76 horror flick
CHATTER IN THE CAF – Widespread high school lunchroom gossip
CLASS PROTECTOR – The award given to Buffy on the eve of Prom by grateful classmates
CLOTHES FLUKE – Kiss resulting from formal wear
COME AS YOU AREN’T – Halloween
(THE) CREEPY – Frightening (“How much the creepy is it that she’s been spying on us?”)
(THE) CRYPTIC – Manner of speaking without imparting information (“Stop with the cryptic – you’re scaring me”)
CYBERCOVEN – Wired witches


DATEVILLE – Early stage of a realtionship, between Big Fun Group Town & romantic Twosome Burg
DEBARGE – Dorky, rolled-up-sleeves look of person (or vamp) stuck in the ’80s; reference to the defunct Motown act
DECAF LAND – calm realm between Comaville & Speedtown
DEMON – Otherwordly creatures; evil spirit
DENIAL LAND – Where you go to not face reality
DID WE FIND? – Shorthand for “Did we find it?”
(THE) DIRE – Urgent tone & expression (“What’s the dire?”)
DOLLSOME – Pretty; attractive
DR. LAURA FOR THE DECEASED – Demon therapist in spirit of radio shrink Dr. Laura Schlessinger
DUMP-O-GRAM – Kiss-off
DUST – Stake a vampire; form that demon takes at death


(AN) ELSEWHERE TO BE – Another engagment far away
ESPRESSO PUMP – A place to go get sugared up on mochas and where Giles occasionally plays his tunes.
EVIL DEAD – another name for Spike, the friendly neighborhood bloodsucker
EVITA-LIKE – Self-centered, arrogant (eg. Cordelia)


FANG GANG – Vampires; also, Nasty Pointy-Bitey Ones
FESTER FREE – State of being relieved of silent seething
FIRE BAD, TREE PRETTY – Buffy demonstrating her low-level brain function after a draining battle
FIVE BY FIVE – Feeling no pain; aviation radio term favored by Faith.
FRAY ADJACENT – In the vicinity of the thick of things
FREAKSOME – Worrisome
A FREE – Study hall
FRUIT-PUNCH MOUTH – Vampires with a blood mustache
FULL-ON EXORCIST TWIST – Ability to turn one’s head 360 degrees, as in praying mantises or Linda Blair


GATHERING – type of party with brie and mellow song stylings
GEEK MACHINE – Joyce Summers’ totally uncool jeep
GEEKER JOY – Effusive feeling nerdy Willow gets when she’s happy
GENE AND ROGER – Unsolicited criticism such as that given by movie critics Siskel & Ebert
GOD’S GIFT TO THE BELL CURVE – Longhand for moron
GO WILD BUNCH – Become violent vigilante group; reference to the bloody 1969 western
GOING WILLY LOMAN – Raising money through selling of chocolate bars; reference to the Death of a Salesman
GOOD SQUIRM – Satisfying level of discomfort (“I trust I gave good squirm”)
GRANDFATHER BREATH – Unpleasant aroma
GRR ARGH – Joss’ final words to his viewers
(THE) GRIM – Sullen faces; also Tragedy Masks
GUILTAPALOOZA – Excessive-remorse festival


(A) HAPPY – A good feeling; also another word for ‘sex’
HAPPY MEALS WITH LEGS – People (to vampires)
HAVE A NICE SUMMER – Kiss-of-death yearbook sentiment written when signer has nothing to say
HAVING AN EXPRESSION – Making a telltale face
HAVING ORS – Considereing options
HELEN KELLER – an unobservant individual (“My eyes are green, Helen Keller”)
HELLMOUTH – on which Sunnydale sits; the center of mystical convergence.
HOOP-OF-THE-WEEK – Obligatory yet needless task (“Principal Synder’s not happy unless I am jumping through his
HOOTENANNY – type of party that is chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny
HORMONES ON PARADE – Teenagers obsessed with kissing & groping


INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH THERAPY – Intense counseling needed by adolescents who reconstruct people out of dead
human parts
(THE) INITIATIVE – A government-sponsored quasi-military agency devoted to the study of vampires, demons and other
IT IS NOT TO WORRY – The long way of saying “Don’t worry”; also, “No worries”


JOAN COLLINS ‘TUDE – Persona of someone bucking for Bitch of the Year; reference to the Dynasty diva
JOHN TESH – The devil
JONESING – An urge, a need, a want (“I’m jonesing for a little brainless fun.”)


KEY, THE – An incredible energy source that opens the locked door between dimensions
KEYSER SOZED – Duped by an actual bad guy into believing in a villain that doesn’t exist; reference to the imaginary
character in the film The Usual Suspects (“Does anybody feel like they’ve been Keyser Sozed?”)
(THE) KIND OF SENSE THAT’S NOT – Without logic
KINKS OR VANILLA – Query regarding someone’s preference for naughty or nice sex
KISSING DAYLIGHT – Vampire death by sunrise


LAURA ASHLEY – Major fashion faux pas; reference to the frilly, floral fashion designer
LINOLEUM – Looking at this often makes 17-year-old boys want to have sex.
LOCKER-DOOR MATERIAL – Serious boyfriend who’s earned spot in metal high school storage compartment
(THE) LONELY ONES – Vampires’ term for themselves
LOST WEEKENDING – Getting drunk & losing track of time; reference to Billy Wilder film
LUNCHABLE – Lip-smaking treat for the eyes (male); also Salty Goodness


MAGIC BOX – The magic store run by Giles; source of ingredients for Willow’s witchy spells
McPLASMAS – Vampire fast food
MESSED – Out of sorts (“It’s not you; I just get messed sometimes”)
MOM-AGED MITS – Joyce Summers’ menopausal hands
MOVE FREE – a chaste date lacking hanky-panky
MR. POINTY – good-luck slayer stake Kendra gives to Buffy
MUSIC OF PAIN – Tunes to sulk by; country music (e.g., Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces”)


NA-NA-NA-NA-NA APPROACH TO BATTLE – Taunting to victory
NAME-TAG PERSON – Retail or fast-food employee; derogatory


OFFICE ROMANCE – Illicit vampire/slayer love affair
ONE-STARBUCKS TOWN – Term, coined by Xander, to describe Sunnydale as a town lacking in excitement
OTHERWHERE – Elsewhere; also, Somplace That’s Away
OVERBITE – Vampire (“Take a walk, overbite”), also, Creechy Face
OVERLY – Excessively (“You’re acting a little overly, aren’t you?”)


PATHETIC MUCH? – Feeling sorry for yourself?
PATROL – Walking down the streets, through parks, cemeteries, etc., looking for vamps and demons to kill
PINK RANGER – Overzealous fighter (e.g., Kendra); reference to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
PLANET POCKET PROTECTOR – Geek universe; place where Giles commonly dwells
POINTED TOOTH FAIRY – Vampire prone to house calls
POINTY – Worthwhile – in response to something being described as pointless (“Punishing myself like this is entirely
POOP THE PARTY – Naysay (“I don’t mean to poop the party here”)
POWER-FREAKED – Exponentially scared; see also (The) Wig
PRE-POSY – The dating period prior to the guy giving the girl flowers
PRINCESS MARGARET – Overly effeminate British male (e.g., Wesley)


RESEARCH MODE – Time to hit the books
RIDING THE MELLOW – Enjoying quite time
ROLLER BOY – Unenlightened term for paraplegic (e.g., Spike in a wheelchair); also, Sit ‘n’ Spin
A ROUND ROBIN – Is used in season 2 of Buffy in which it means that everyone rings their parents and tells them they’re
staying the night at someone else’s house so that each of their parents thinks they are staying at someone else house but really
they are researching in the library all night, they are used for all night keggers according to willow, lol, she was joking
though. “What only Xander gets to make jokes?”


SABRINA – Teenage witch
SANITY FAIR – A magazine Faith will not be gracing the cover of
SARCASTIC QUOTE MARKS – In which the gang turns to a visual cliche into a verbal one (e.g., mocking organized fun:
“And I use sarcastic quote marks”)
SCARE-A-POLOOZA – How vampires view Halloween
SCOOBY GANG – Buffy & her slaying pals; reference to the ’70s TV cartoon Scooby-Doo, also; Undead Playgroup;
(TO) SCULLY – Explain paranormal activity with scientific rationale homage to Dana Scully of The X-Files (“I cannot
believe that you of all people are trying to Scully me”)
SHINDIG – type of party with dip, less-mellow song stylings, and perhaps a large amount of malt beverage
Shpadoinkle – a word that refers to seein something beyond belief. (Xander sees Glory’s tower to open the portal in “The
Gift,” and exclaims “Shpadoinkle!!!!” at the sight of the massive tower.) (Submitted by Ryan From CA.)
SINGLE WHITE FEMALED – Have existence duplicated by an obsessive acquaintence in manner of Jennifer Jason
Leigh/Bridget Fonda film (e.g., new slayer-in-town Faith to Buffy)
SLAYEE – Vampires, demons, and other assorted evildoers who meet the pointed end of a weapon
SLAYER, THE – a.k.a The Chosen One. The one who stands against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness.
SLAY-STUDY DOUBLE FEATURE – Evening of killing & homework
SLICEAGE – Death by slashing
SMOOCHIES – Kissing and romance
SO – Wonderful (“Isn’t that so? Me and Owen!”)
SOCK PUPPET OF LOVE – Xander’s right hand, which often fills in as his date on special occasions
SOUL – What vampires are lacking
SOYLENT GREEN – unrecognizable green stuff served cafeteria; reference to the 1973 sci-fi classic
SPARKAGE – Romantic electricity
SPIDER SENSE – Tingling sensation Buffy gets when something’s up in demonville; reference to Spiderman’s intuition
SUNNYDALE GRAVEYARD – Where The Gang much of their time staking vampires and gleaning important information
from the sites of mausoleums (which are also referred to as big, freaky cereal boxes of death)


TALENTLESS SHOW – High school talent show
TARDINESS – The eighth deadly sin
TINGLE MOMENT – Exciting. chill-inducing event
TONY ROBBINS HYPERDEFFICIENCY KICK – Self-inprovement in the style of large-toothed infomercial master
TWINKIE DEFENSE – Lame excuse; reference to a trial in which bad behaviour was blamed on excessive consumption of
the cream-filled treat
TWOSOME OF CUTENESS – Good couple (e.g., Miss Calendar & Giles)


(THE) UBERSUCK – Major bummer
UNDEAD AMERICAN – Politically correct term for ‘vampire’
UNLIFE – Living (to the undead)
UP WITH PEOPLE – Aroused in the presence of actual sex partner (“I’m up. I’ve just never been up with people before.”);
reference to do-gooding musical organization


VAMPIRE MEALS ON WHEELS – Medical transport blood delivery
VAGUE THAT UP – To make a foggy explanation even worse


(THE) WACKY – Crazy things (“Love makes you do the wacky”)
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE HOTTIE/THE SEDUCTION – Take note of a potential mate
‘WALKER TEXAS RANGER’ – Must see TV for zombies
WATCHER – The person who trains the Slayer and prepares her for her duties
WATCHER’S COUNCIL – The organization that trains and dispatches Watchers; also keeps an eye on the Slayers and
makes sure they fulfill their duties
WAY 007 – Sartorially James Bond (e.g., Wesley in a tux)
(THE) WHAT – Obvious problem (“What’s the what?”)
WICKED JUMPY – Really nervous-acting
(THE) WIG – Creeps; omnipresent term favored by the Scooby Gang; usage: wigged, extra wig, (a fair) wiggins, maxi-wig
WOW POTENTIAL – Possible sparkage
WRINKLIES – Conjones; usually vulgar (“Any of you wanna test who’s got the biggest wrinklies, step on up!”)


YESTER – Passed, over


(THE) ZEPPO – Useless member of the group, in spirit of forgotten Marx Brother (e.g., Xander, according to Cordelia)

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