Season 6 | Episode 102 | Bargaining Part 2

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Episode Summary

Things come back into focus as the Buffybot tries her hardest to fight off the Hellions and the Scoobie Gang retreats from their mission to raise Buffy from the dead. Fearing for their lives, the gang splits up as Xander carries the drained Willow while Tara and Anya head in a different direction.

In a questionable decision, the gang decides to leave Buffy’s grave. At this point they think that their attempt to bring their leader back to life was unsuccessful. However, inside the Slayer’s grave, our hero begins to thrash around, confused.

As Xander, Willow, Anya and Tara hide from the Hellions in the woods, Spike attempts to protect Dawn from The Hellions, who are trashing Sunnydale.

Knowing that a gang of nasties like The Hellions would never attempt an attack on Sunnydale if they knew that The Slayer was still protecting it, Spike and Dawn come to the conclusion that the word is out about Buffy’s death.

Meanwhile, back at Buffy’s gravesite, the Slayer’s hand launches itself through the ground. Seconds later, Buffy pulls herself to her feet. She is a bloody and dirty mess. However, nothing can prepare her for what she sees next: her own gravestone.

As havoc runs amuck in Sunnydale, the confused Slayer walks around in a daze. Meanwhile, Tara manages to send a mystical flare for Xander and Willow to follow back to the Magic Box. Spike continues to protect Dawn from the fear that has absorbed Sunnydale.

At one point, Spike throws Dawn a football helmet as he dismantles a Hellion from his motorcycle. Realizing that they no longer have a functioning Buffybot, the rest of the gang decide to go and find Dawn and Spike.

In what must be another shock to her system, the resurrected Slayer watches from a distance as The Hellions pull apart the Buffybot with chains hooked onto their motorcycles. Unfortunately, Buffy screams and the demon gang begins chasing her.

Suddenly, Buffy comes face-to-face with Xander, Willow, Anya and Tara. At first they think that the Slayer is the Buffybot, but quickly realize that she is the real McCoy. After they back the frightened Slayer into a corner, the Scoobies find themselves lured into a Hellion trap.

Razor and six other demons attack and are almost immediately engaged in a brawl with the Scoobies and Buffy, whose fighting instincts seem to slowly be coming back to her.

After Buffy shreds most of the Hellions, she runs away from the battle. In a climactic ending, the overwhelming power of Razor is brought to his knees as Tara plunges Xander’s battle-ax into the creature’s back. Buffy, still not fully in tune with reality, stands on what is left of Glory’s ritual structure.

As she contemplates reliving her tragic death, Dawn finds her. Unfortunately for the Slayer and her little sister, the structure begins to topple.

Somehow finding clarity through Dawn’s voice, Buffy saves the two by sliding to the ground on a steel cable. Glory’s tower slams to the ground. We are left with Dawn hugging her confused, almost lifeless, sister.

Shooting Scripts


As we left off …
THE BUFFYBOT, though damaged, gamely tries to fight off a couple of the DEMON BIKERS, as they
circle, striking at her from behind.

I’m dangerously close–

Uhh! –to system failure. I have to
to disengage from–
(struck again)
Uhh! –combat until Willow can
service me.
ON RAZOR, coming at the Buffybot, swinging a thick chain.
I’ll service you, toygirl.

The chain wraps around the Buffybot and yanks her off her feet. As the other Bikers move in…
XANDER is about to pick up WILLOW, who’s fallen unconscious again, when he hears something
coming at him from behind. He whips around, ready to fight, when he sees it’s
TARA, and ANYA, emerging from the brush. He exhales, relieved. A pained Tara moves to her

I’m pretty sure she’s okay.


Or as okay as anyone who just
had snakes coming out of their mouth
and what the hell was up with that, Tara?!

Tara looks up at him but doesn’t answer.


Less talk, more running away.


The woods should give us some cover.
Their motorcycles can’t follow us in here.

With that, motorcycle headlights sweep across their faces as we hear a couple of motorbikes


Somebody should tell them that.

Xander crosses to Willow. Tara helps him lift her.
New plan: We split up.
No! Bad plan!
I’ll take Willow–
No. I can carry her.
(off her look, reassuring)
I’ll keep her safe, Tara.

We should meet up somewhere.


The Magic Box. And whoever gets
there first should call Dawn and Spike.

Tara nods and moves off. Anya hesitates.

But …
(a thought)
The Buffybot …

Xander’s turn to hesitate.

We can’t. She’s–
It’s lost.

He glances over his shoulder as he hears the cycles setting closer.
XANDER (cont’d)

Reluctantly, Anya hurries off. Xander lifts Willow over his shoulder and, carrying her, stumbles off in
another direction.
Amid all the whooping and hollering of the Demon Bikers as they gun their engines, beating on the
Buffybot …
PAN OVER and TILT DOWN to Buffy’s grave …
ON BUFFY, wild-eyed, panicking, realizing she’s entombed, buried alive.
She begins to thrash around. Holding the sides of the casket as if they’re closing in on her, her mouth
widens to emit a scream, but the only sound that escapes is a horrid DRY RASP which takes us into…

Act One

pushing and kicking at the side of the Coffin gasping for what little stale air might be trapped inside
here with her.
BUFFY’S POV – HANDHELD (as are all her POVs in this episode; FILTERED in a hazy, dreamlike
fashion, with SOUND appearing to come from far off) – She frantically claws and pounds at the coffin
lid, tearing at the lining.
We hear motorcycle engines roaring in the distance, as well as excited YELPS and HOLLERING…
XANDER, breathing hard, enters frame, still carrying Willow. As they reach a small clearing, Willow
stirs …

X-Xander… Where–?

Shhh. We’re using our quiet voice, Wil.

Xander lowers her to sit, kneels down beside her.

Why… Why are– Where’s Tara?


Off and running. Like we need to be.
We gotta keep moving.
(starting to remember)
Oh. Right. Demons. On bikes.


Yep. We got trouble. Right here in
Hellmouth City. And our very own
Robo-Buffy led them right to us.


Buffy! The ritual! We have to go back!

Wil, I told you–
We need to try again.
We can’t–

We have to, Xander! She’s … She’s
waiting, counting on us. On me.
(her grief mounting)

I can’t leave her there anymore. I
won’t. We have to finish–

A MOTORCYCLE engine is revved nearby, with the accompanying HOWL of its rider. Xander gently,
but firmly, puts his hand to Willow’s lips to quiet her, calm her down. They wait like that for a few
moments, as the sound of the engine moves off.
The Urn of Cirrhosis …
Yeah. It got … kinda…

Willow’s face goes ashen as she remembers.


Broken. It’s broken. I remember.

Xander tries to ease the blow.


So, we’ll find another one. Better
made. Ahn and I’ll jump back into

the web and–
There is no other one.

‘Kay. Then we’ll fix this one. A
little tape, dab o’ Krazy Glue …

No. It’s no good. The urn’s
defiled. It’s gone. Nothing.
The words catch in her throat as the pain of the reality sinks in.
WILLOW (cont’d)
All for nothing.

SLOW PUSH IN on her, as tears come.

WILLOW (cont’d)
Buffy’s gone. She’s … she’s really


BUFFY, her knuckles and fingernails now raw and bloody, manages to smash through the coffin lid.
Pulling her fist out, dirt begins to stream in.
with all her might, GRUNTING, she pulls down on the splintered wood around the hole she’s made,
and the dirt stream becomes torrential.

as she spits and coughs, then, holding her breath, pulls herself up through the opening and starts to
dig her way out.
ANYA, looking around, evidently lost, when she hears a sharp WHISTLE and:

MAG (O.S.)
Over here!

Anya, unnerved, backs away from the direction of the voice when suddenly she’s grabbed from
behind and lets out a small YELP, as she’s yanked into some thick bushes.
NEW ANGLE as Anya turns to find it’s TARA that grabbed her.

Was that necessary? A simple “psst”
would’ve been–

Tara clamps a hand over Anya’s mouth as
ANGLE ON MAG and another Hellion, KLYED, converging on foot, stopping next to the girls’ hiding

…just sayin, it’s rank!
(in no mood)
Get off it, Klyed.

Razor and the others take off for town,
leave us here to hunt strays. It’s bush–

Mag grabs him by the throat.


Hey! You got a bug up your crack,
take it up with Razor. Until then,
you do what he says and shut your
hole. Before I rip you a new one.

He releases Klyed, surveys the area again, takes a whiff as if searching for a scent. Then…

MAG (cont’d)
Screw this. Let’s get outta here.
The Demon Bikers move off, back where they came from.
ANGLE ON Anya and Tara in their hiding position as they listen to them leave.


Doesn’t sound like they found
Willow and Xander…
Did he say “stores?” “Hitting
stores?” Does he mean looting?

Tara rises and checks the coast. Anya rises with her …

I think the woods let out over this

way. We should keep off the streets,
take alleys if we can…

They can’t loot the magic shop. Not
now. I just got it.
Let’s go.

Tara starts off. Anya follows.


You don’t think they’ll cause a lot
of damage, do you?

CLOSE ON MAILBOX at the curb. A small sign attached atop reads: “Summers.” A MOTOR ROARS and
The mailbox is knocked off its post by a Hellion wielding a baseball bat, riding on the back of a
motorbike. He HOWLS his delight.
The DEMONS roar past the Summers house, bashing garbage cans, smashing the windshield on a
parked car. As they pass, we pick up …
WIDEN as the Lighter moves to light the fuse on a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL in the demon’s other hand.
REVERSE ANGLE as the Hellion flings the bottle at the front door of a house.
ANGLE ON BUFFY’S HOUSE – We HEAR the explosion.
PUSH IN on the front window as fire reflects off the glass and we see
DAWN, peering out, watching, with terrified fascination.
SPIKE is rummaging through the weapons trunk, though only producing a wooden stake or two. He
mumbles to himself as he reaches in.


Nothing. Coupla stakes. Right big
help. Holy water, one cross–
(sizzling noise)

(shaking his head at himself)
Oh, brilliant.

He waves the pain off his singed hand, then glances up and notices DAWN at the window.

SPIKE (cont’d)
Here! Want me to bloody thump
you? I told you to stay away from

the windows!
He crosses, pulls her away, then peers out himself.
Who are they?

Hellions …

HIS POV, THROUGH WINDOW: ONE OF THE DEMONS rides his bike up the front lawn of the house
across the street, hops off and kicks in the door.
Road pirates. They raid towns.
Use ’em up, burn ’em down. Usually
backwaters. Any place…

ON SPIKE, coming to a realization.


Any place they think is vulnerable.

ON DAWN, arriving at the same thought.

They know…

Spike glances back at her.

DAWN (cont’d)
The Slayer’s gone.

They share a look for a beat until a SCREAM emanates from the house across the street.
SPIKE looks out the window again then moves away from it.
We can’t stay here.

Well, I’m not going out there.


Got no choice, Bit. Can’t protect

you here.
He takes Dawn’s arm and moves toward the kitchen.

We can lock the doors, turn out the

lights …

And hide under the bed linens? Not

really my style.

But … We need to wait for the
others. Buffy…

Spike looks at her as she corrects herself.

DAWN (cont’d)
–Bot. You know. The Buffybot.
And the others. We should wait
to see if they–
He pauses, seeing the fear in her eyes, and softens.

SPIKE (cont’d)

Dawn. I get that you’re scared. But
I’m your sitter. So mind me …
(a pledge)

I’m not gonna let any o’ those
buggers lay so much as a warty
digit on you.

Dawn studies him for a moment.

SPIKE (cont’d)
(after a beat)
(with a nod)
Right, then. Can’t wait around
to see if the others pop in. We’re
on our own…
He takes her arm again and pulls her toward the kitchen.
SPIKE (cont’d)
No one’s coming to our rescue.

Quiet. SLOW PUSH IN on grave …
A FIST punches through, feverishly claws at the ground, then another hand appears, then
BUFFY pulls herself up out of her grave, wild-eyed, wheezily gasping for breath.


Act Two

Moments later…
BUFFY gets to her feet — Dirty, bleeding, thoroughly freaked. Something catches her eye. She slowly
looks over at it and freezes …
ARC around her as she steps toward the gravestone. Her gravestone.
ON BUFFY, squinting at it with abject horror.
The streets are seemingly deserted, though we hear SHOUTING, CAR ALARMS, SIRENS, etc.,
somewhere in the distance.
CRANE DOWN to find BUFFY numbly wandering down the middle of the street, looking around.
HER POV HANDHELD – FILTERED – Everything looking ugly and alien.
ON BUFFY – A flickering glow appears on her face, getting brighter as she moves closer to it.

A Sunnydale police car BURNS at the side of the road, its tires slashed, windows and taillights
Buffy stares, incredulously, at the blazing fire for a beat, almost hypnotized by it, when…
RRROOOAR! Seemingly from nowhere, a HELLION, gunning his motorcycle, roars up behind her.
Buffy spins around and flinches as he goes by, smashing his beer bottle on the ground at her feet,
spraying her with glass and beer, CACKLING.
OVER BUFFY’S SHOULDER as she watches the Demon Biker make a SCREECHING turn at the corner,
disappearing, the sound of his engine fading away.
ON BUFFY as she continues on, silhouetted by the raging fire behind her.
TARA and ANYA scramble inside from the back alley side entrance and slam the door shut behind

(calling out, hopefully)
Willow? Xander?

Anya steps toward the front of the shop, looking around, as Tara moves toward the back area.

TARA (cont’d)
They’re not here.
Thank God…

Tara shoots her a look. Anya realizes.

ANYA (cont’d)
My store hasn’t been looted.

They hear a CRASH outside.

They move to the front window and peek out to see
THEIR POV – THROUGH FRONT WINDOW – A DEMON BIKER smashes the display window of the
bookstore across the street with a trash can, simply for the sheer pleasure of it.
A few other HELLIONS, over by the Espresso Pump, terrorize an unfortunate couple caught outside.
One Demon holds the GUY as another beats him up. The third paws the GIRL, despite
her cries of protest. As the Guy takes another punishing slug to his jaw…
ON ANYA, reminded of the danger out there, her concern growing.

(calm certainty)
They’re all right.

Then where are they? Why aren’t they

here yet?

I don’t–

Anya turns to Tara, panic setting in.


What if they’re hurt? Xander could
be lying somewhere. All broken
and bleeding. Calling my name–

Like that! Or — oh —
Anya moves back into the room, holding her stomach. Tara follows.
ANYA (cont’d)

Oh — what if they’re already dead?!

Oh God!
They’re not.
How do you–
Tara grabs Anya by the shoulders, trying to calm her.

He’s with Willow. If something …
happened… I’d know.
And so would you.

Anya searches her feelings for a moment, then:
(wanting to believe)
You think?

Tara nods and pulls her into an embrace. A look of relief comes over Anya.

I’m sure of it …

ANGLE ON TARA’S FACE – Unseen by Anya, Tara’s expression changes to reveal her intense worry
and fear, belying her calm demeanor.

TARA (cont’d)
They’re fine. They’re both fine.


As an idea occurs to her, she separates from Anya and moves to the table.

TARA (cont’d)
Maybe they just got lost.
In the woods.
(a new concern)
The woods? We’re going back to the
woods? I hate the woods. All those
woodsy trees–


No. It’s okay. Lost is good…

Tara sweeps the table clear and climbs on top of it.
TARA (cont’d)

Willow and I always know now to find

each other.
She sits cross-legged on the table and closes her eyes.
With yoga?
(eyes still closed)
“Aradia… Hear my words …”

It’s real quiet now and very creepy. Only the ambient noises of crickets and other earthly creatures of
the night.
CLOSE ON XANDER supporting a still shaky WILLOW as they move blindly forward in the dark.


Okay, this is really starting to grate
my cheese. These woods aren’t that
big. And I know we-ve been going
in a straight line, ’cause I’ve been
following the North Star.

He points up at it. Willow looks.


Um, Xander, that’s not the North
Star. It’s an airplane.
(looking closer)
No, it’s not an airplane.
It’s definitely–
(his face falling)
–a blimp. But I can see how one
could make that airplane mistake.

Willow moves to sit on a dead, fallen tree.


Xander… I can’t walk anymore.
I have to rest.
Can’t be much further.

You said that an hour ago. I’m just …

(closes her eyes)
The spell took a lot out of me.

Xander studies her for a moment.


As for example, snakes. Why didn’t

you tell us how much–

She looks up at him.

Don’t. Not now.

What were we into back there, Wil?

After a few beats, Willow stands. Xander moves to help her. She waves him off.


Doesn’t make any difference now…

Don’t get avoidy on me.

I’m not avoidy. We’ve got bigger
problems. Demons.
(dripping sarcasm)
Demons! Huh. Well, there’s something
you don’t see everyday.
Unless you’re us!

And we’re lost. So can we just-
Willow spots something past Xander.

WILLOW (cont’d)
What’s that?
There! See? Avoidy!
That light.

Xander turns.
WILLOW’S POV – A bright POINT OF LIGHT deep in the forest, weaving among the trees, getting

Over there.

ON XANDER, looking.

(seeing it, unnerved)
You mean the one moving toward us …

HIS POV – the light converging on them very quickly.
Incredibly fast?

ON WILLOW, taking a tentative step toward it.
(calling out)


Xander eyes her, disbelieving.


“Hello?” We’re being hunted and
you’re “helloing” strange fast moving
lights in the dark? It could be
anything. It–
(with dread)
It’s a motorcycle headlight.
No. Too small–

Xander picks up a large stick, and bravely gets ready to take on the invader.

Get behind me!
Xander, I don’t think–

Xander pulls her behind him and stands his ground.

Wil, stay down! I’ll take care of–

The LIGHT suddenly and startlingly bursts through the flora and is upon them. It’s a little ball of
light, a firefly, a slightly larger version of the one Willow conjured in “Fear, Itself.” It flies around their
heads. Willow recognizes it.

Oh. It’s just–

Xander cowers from the flitting thing, freaking.
(swatting it away)
Ahh! Big firefly bug thing!

Get off! Get– Do fireflies bite?
Or… They probably burn, don’t they?
They– Yee-uuuhh!
It’s not a bug.

Xander calms as he watches the ball of light flit around Willow’s head, almost giddily, affectionately.

Uh, Willow. W-what–?

A smile comes to Willow’s lips.

It’s Tara.
As Xander gives her a look, the light moves off again.

WILLOW (cont’d)

She follows it.
Xander hesitates for a moment, uncertain, then joins her. On his back, as they disappear into the
dense brush:

(more to himself)
And how long have you known your
girlfriend was Tinkerbell?

BUFFY is trudging along on the sidewalk. She looks around trying to get her bearings; then pauses to
rest, leaning against a car at the end of a driveway. Suddenly…
THE CAR ALARM is tripped and blares loudly. As Buffy backs away from the noise, a bright beam
porch light comes on.
Buffy snaps her eyes shut, trying to blink away the momentary blindness (as it’s the first real light to
hit her eyes in months).
BUFFY’S POV.- HANDHELD – FILTERED – Amid the harsh glare of the porch light, a shapeless Form
appears, pointing something at her, though we can’t make out what it is.


What are you doing? Get away
from there!

CUTTING OUT, we see the Form is
A HOMEOWNER, skittish and angry, leveling a shotgun at her.
I said, get off my property!

Buffy hesitates, shaking her head as if to say she means no harm. Taking it as a refusal to his

HOMEOWNER (cont’d)
You hear me?!

He swings the gun around and wields it like a club, intending to bash her brains in.

HOMEOWNER (cont’d)
Leave us alone!
Buffy staggers away, the Homeowner in the background.
HOMEOWNER (cont’d)

SPIKE and DAWN, lurking in the shadows, peer around the corner of a house, checking the coast.

(to Dawn)
Keep back.
He creeps a few steps forward to get a better look.
SPIKE’S POV: He watches as another couple of Hellions ransack an abandoned house across the way.
A chair comes CRASHING though the front window, coming to rest on the lawn.

Dawn comes up behind Spike.


It looks like they’re just … wrecking
stuff. No thought other than just…

She looks at him watching raptly, trying to read his thoughts.
DAWN (cont’d)

Eh? Oh. Nothing. Just, um…
Looks like fun.

Feeling her gaze, he glances at her.

SPIKE (cont’d)
I’m just saying.
(then, considering)
Thing is, if this kinda frolicking’s
going on all over town, we’re not
gonna get far without–

He stops when he hears a HIGH-PITCHED HOLLER and the roar of a motorcycle coming down the
street. Spike looks over at
HIS POV: Some sports equipment lying in a neighbor’s yard: A bat, balls, shoulder pads …
Spike reaches down, presumably for the bat, but coming up with a football helmet instead. He tosses
it to Dawn, who looks at it, not understanding. Spike signals for her to wait, then moves off.
ANGLE ON HELLION zooming along on his hog. He glances up to see
SPIKE (PUSH IN), standing in the middle of the road, waiting.
THE BIKER gives his motorcycle more gas and bears down on him.
Spike waits.
As the motorcycle is upon him, Spike leaps up into the air and kicks the Demon hard in the chest and
head, knocking him off his bike. The Demon hits the ground hard as his chopper skids to the
SPIKE lands on his feet, looks toward Dawn and lets out a loud whistle.

(to Dawn)
Let’s fly, pidge!

Understanding now, Dawn traps on the helmet as she hurries over to Spike, who retrieves the
NEW ANGLE: TWO HELLIONS emerge from the house, having heard the commotion and see
SPIKE and DAWN, OVER THE DEMONS’ SHOULDERS, speeding away on the stolen motorcycle.
CLOSE ON the alley side door as it’s POUNDED upon from outside.
WIDEN as Anya approaches, apprehensively, talking through the door.


Already been looted! Sorry! Try
the appliance store at the end of the
block! They’ve got pretty… um, toasters–

A familiar voice interrupts her from the other side of the door.

Tara crosses in as Anya excitedly unbolts the door, admitting Xander and Willow.

ANYA (cont’d)
(to Xander)
I knew you weren’t dead!
She throws her arms around him and they hold each other.

Well, then, what was I so worried about?

Willow goes to Tara and falls into her arms. Tara holds her, strokes her hair, kisses her head. After a

Are you–?
Not yet.
(a weak smile)
But I will be.
She gently pulls away and sits down, aided by Tara.
WILLOW (cont’d)
Where’s Dawn and Spike?


We’ve been calling the house, but…

She shrugs and shakes her head.


Maybe they’re on their way here.
I mean, this place is NORAD when
we’re at DefCon One.

The three girls turn and look at him blankly.

XANDER (cont’d)
I so need male friends.

We have to go out and look for them.


Well, there’s a guy at work I kinda
hit it off with. Tito. I mean, he
seems like a good–
(off her look)
And you meant Dawn and Spike,

of course.


Um. Question. You want us to go
back out there?
(a little unsure)
Well, yeah. Unless someone’s got a

better idea.

It’s just … Well, we’re minus one
Buffybot. And Spike is missing in
action somewhere with Dawn. And
Giles flew away. And you look a
little magicked out …

Ahn, honey, we’re nearing your point, right?


Just … How are we supposed to fight

these guys?

The others share a look. Good question.

ANYA (cont’d)

I mean, we can handle a vampire or
two, sure, but, we’ve got a cavalcade
of demons here. This is… It takes… I

mean, we need…
(finishing her thought)
Invoking her name causes Willow to react brusquely.

(then, with painful resignation)
… is not coming back. We failed.

A weighty silence falls among them.

WILLOW (cont’d)
So… We’re it, gang.

Xander, grab some weapons. We’re
going to find Dawn and Spike.

A LOUD CRASH is heard outside, perhaps another front window being smashed, followed by howls of


If we’re going, we should go now.
They seem to be getting more and
more worked up by the minute.


Well, they can’t keep it up forever.
I mean, maybe they’ll party
themselves out, tire of this place
and move on.


CLOSE ON RAZOR, his face aglow from reflected flames.

Say hello to your new home, boys!

WIDEN as, before him and amid CHEERING, a DEMON BIKER takes a swig of whiskey then brings a
burning torch to his mouth and BLOWS FIRE high into the air and across the screen.
CUT OUT to find they, and roughly twenty other HELLIONS, are in a convenience store parking lot,
swigging beer and whiskey from bottles, whooping it up.
They CHEER Razor’s words and those on bikes GUN THEIR ENGINES. All around, FIRES burn in steel
barrels lined about the area. It’s all very pagan, savage, post-apocalyptic.

RAZOR (cont’d)

This here is a momentous occasion.
The beginning of a new era. Now, no
question the open backroads and
highways have been good to us, but
we got ourselves a juicy little burg
just ripe for picking…

ANGLE ON BUFFY, still walking numbly in the middle of the street, when she hears–

And I ain’t in no hurry to leave.

Are you?

Buffy glances over at
HER POV – HANDHELD – FILTERED – The biker crowd in the parking lot.
ON BUFFY, as she moves toward it.


So I figured what better way to
kick off our semi-settling down
than with a little christening …
NEW ANGLE: MAG ties the end of a chain to the back of a motorcycle.


A symbolic act commemorating the
new order around here…

ANOTHER ANGLE: KLYED tying a chain to the back of a cycle facing the opposite direction.

RAZOR (cont’d; O.S.)
And ridding ourselves of any not so
pleasant reminders of the old…

ON RAZOR, bringing up a 38-caliber REVOLVER into view. He loads a bullet as he speaks.


All in one, quick, really REALLY
violent, fell swoop…

He slaps the chamber closed.
ON BUFFY, approaching from behind, unnoticed by anyone.

Gentlemen, start your engines.
ANGLE ON motorcycle with chain tied to the back as the rider kick starts it.
ANGLE ON other motorcycle with chain being kick started.
ANGLE ON another.
ANGLE: And another.
ON BUFFY, as she peers through a break in the crowd. She sees something and her eyes widen.
BUFFY’S POV: THE BUFFYBOT, standing in the middle of the lot. It’s scuffed, clothes are torn… It’s
been abused. From a few damaged points, errant wires stick out, and a spark or two sputters. It
seems confused, though not scared, as each of its limbs is chained to the back of four different
RAZOR holds up the revolver…

Bye-bye, Slayer.

… and fires into the air.
ANGLES: The Bikers take off …
ON BUFFY, watching with mounting horror.
At that moment, THE BUFFYBOT glances over and sees her. They lock eyes for a moment. The robot’s
expression is impassive. Buffy’s eyes widen in anticipation of what’s to come.
THE BUFFYBOT opens its mouth to say something to Buffy when the chains go taut and the robot is
suddenly and (as described) really REALLY violently, torn apart. Drawn and quartered. The crowd
HOWLS its delight.
ON BUFFY, her anguish and terror at seeing her own horrific death, wells up inside her and explodes
into a SCREAM of:


The crowd quiets and turns to look at her.
ON RAZOR, scrutinizing her for a moment.


Another one for the fire, boys …

PUSH IN CLOSE as he adds.

RAZOR (cont’d)
Tear it up!
THE BIKER MOB, crazed with bloodlust, rush at Buffy.
PUSH IN ON BUFFY, staring back, wide-eyed with fear, and recoiling, as we


Act Three


TRACKING WITH BUFFY, terrified, as she runs from the Hellions chasing her – most on foot, some on
TWO BIKERS zoom past her, then swerve their bikes around, cutting off her escape. Buffy skids to a
halt, than sprints off in another direction, the Hellions on wheels on her tail.
NEW ANGLE: Another comes at her, dangling a chain. As it reaches her, the Demon swings the chain,
Buffy ducks and the chain wraps around the throat of the Hellion chasing her. Both Bikers fall off their
ON BUFFY, tearing off down another road…
TRACKING with Willow and Tara, followed by Xander and Anya, as they make their way down the
alley. Willow’s armed with a crossbow, Xander with a battle-ax.
ON TARA watching Willow a beat as they walk.
It wasn’t your fault.

Willow doesn’t look at her, just keeps walking.

TARA (cont’d)

We don’t know that the spell would’ve
worked even if those demons hadn’t–

It would’ve worked.


Well maybe …
(a little afraid to say)
Maybe it wasn’t supposed to. I mean,
those d-demons coming just at the
exact wrong time … M-maybe we really
were in over our heads. Invoking
forces that we have no right to…
Maybe the fates sent all this
destruction down on us to stop us.

I mean —

You mean maybe it’s my fault.

Tara starts to protest, but Willow stops her by putting a hand on her arm, clearly not resentful, just
mournful and guilty. Tara folds her into her arms.
ON BUFFY, as she’s chased by KLYED and MAG, who gun their engines, converging on her.
Buffy makes a dash for a dumpster by an industrial looking building. She leaps onto it, and flips over
a fence …

TRACKING, as before, with Willow and the others. This time favoring XANDER and ANYA, in (hushed)


I’m not saying we announce it this


I think it will please them to
know we’re engaged. And I
think Willow, in particular,
could use a morale booster right now.


Can we talk about this later?


It’s just that… Well, all the
excuses for not telling anyone we’re
engaged are gone now. I mean, apart
from hell-bikers, there’s nothing
hanging over us anymore. This is it.
No more surprises.
Suddenly something shadowy jumps out, landing in front of them.

Watch it!
He instinctively pushes Anya back, protectively.
Willow raises up her crossbow, pointing it at the filthy thing in front of them as it rises up in the
foreground and they see…

It’s … the Buffybot.

Oh, peachy. No doubt here to lead
the Wild Bunch right to us again.
ON BUFFY – Just looking at them, eyes darting around, feral.
XANDER (cont’d)
Wil, next time it’s damaged,
couldn’t you program it to find
the nearest Radio Shack or–
PUSH IN on WILLOW as she takes a step forward, the first to realize …


BUFFY focuses on her for a half beat, then suddenly turns and runs away from them.
Stunned, the others share a look. Then tear after her.
The gang runs down the alley, searching.

Where did–?
(indicating an offshoot)

They come around a corner to find Buffy at a dead end. She crouches like a caged animal, looking
around her.

Buffy… Buffy, are you…?
(new approach)
It’s Willow. Can you hear me?
Buffy doesn’t look or answer, only searches for some escape.
What’s wrong with her?
(almost defensively)
Nothing. She’s … she’s in shock.


Her hands are bleeding. Her
fingernails …

PUSH IN SLOWLY ON XANDER, as he begins to understand, to his horror.

And she’s filthy.
Aw no…
No!! How could we…
Ugh! So stupid.

The spell. Our little resurrection
spell worked like a magic charm. We
brought you back to life, Buffy.
(to the others)
Right where we left her…
(his expression hardens)
In her coffin.

Willow cups a hand over her mouth.

oh… God…

They look back at
BUFFY, huddled up in the corner of the alley.

(under her breath)

She had to dig out of her own grave.

Willow turns away, devastatingly affected by this revelation as Xander takes a step toward Buffy.


Buffy? Buffy, it’s Xander. We’re …
sorry. We didn’t know…
(no response)

You’re not reaching her. She’s too


A beat of tense silence. They’re stumped as to what to do. Then, Anya carefully moves toward Buffy.


Hey, Buffy, here’s some good
news that might perk you right up.
Xander and I have an announcement–

(pulling her back)

What?! I’m trying to help.

Buffy. It’s going to be all right.
We … We brought you back.
You’re home now.

Buffy seems to peer up at that.

XANDER (cont’d)
Yes! That s right. You’re home.

Buffy’s face goes hard as she’s looking past Xander at:

The others pivot around to see
RAZOR standing behind them, along with six other Hellions. Most armed with chains, bats, pipes. The
gang (formerly known as Scoobies) are cornered.

Welcome home, Slayer. Alive and
kicking after all.

ON BUFFY, peering at the demons through the matted hair hanging in her face.
HER POV – HANDHELD – FILTERED – ON RAZOR, his voice sounding a million miles away.

RAZOR (cont d)
Well, alive, anyway. Not looking too
good though, is she?

ON XANDER, putting up a brave front.

Don’t see you winning any

beauty contests, unless the Miss
My-Face-Fell-off Pageant gets going…

Razor turns to Xander, eyeing him threateningly.
Big axe you got there.

The better to cut you down to size,

Razor makes a move toward Xander. Tara whispers:

–and a jet of flame erupts between them, starting Razor back. But it’s gone as soon as it appeared,
like a magician’s trick. Razor is still superior, but more cautious now.


So you got a witch in the mix.

More than one.

I happen to be a very powerful
Manwitch myself. Or… male…
is it ‘warlock’?

Plus we have a Slayer here
(looking at feral Buffy)
who might actually be looking
to eat some brains so, I think a quiet
moseying, no hard feelings and I’m
sure your demon horde won’t think
any the less of you…

During a lot of this we see Buffy, uncomprehending, and her distorted POV of the stand-off.


Now, my boys, see … that’s tricky.
They came looking for a massacre.
And I think you got exactly enough
magic between you for a kiddies birthday party.

(stepping forward)
You’d be wrong.

Whoah. I better back off or you
might pull a rabbit out of a hat.

(to the girls, terrified)
Don’t do that! Why would you do that?

(to Razor)

Look. We don’t want trouble. And
you don’t want trouble.

Of course we want trouble.
We’re demons. We’re really
all about trouble.
Not this kind.


I get your point.

He back hands her in the face. She goes flying back, lands in a clatter pile of trash cans. Xander
moves forward but Razor clips him before he can even swing his axe. Tara and Anya both move to
their mates, terrified.
Who, during the following, slowly rises.

RAZOR (cont’d)

Let me tell you something, children.
We’re not gonna fight you. We’re just
gonna hold you down, enjoy ourselves
for a few hours. You might even live
through it, ‘cept that certain of my boys
got some anatomical incompatibilities
that, uh, tend to tear up little girls.

Buffy is slowly moving toward him. Her face getting less confused, more focussed.

RAZOR (cont’d)
So, who wants to go first?
He notices Buffy finally, who steps right in front of him.
RAZOR (cont-d)
I was really hoping it’d be you.

He punches her in the face. She takes the blow hard but doesn’t so much as rock back. Looks at him,
feeling the bit of blood on her lip.
ON BUFFY, her eyes narrow on Razor as long dormant instincts kick in.
Razor takes another swing at Buffy. She blocks it, then cracks him across the jaw. And again. Then
slams him in the face with her heel, snapping his head back.
RAZOR hits the ground hard, out cold.
Both gangs are stunned, taking in what just happened. our guys look at
BUFFY, who stands over Razor’s prone body, breathing hard. After several beats …

Does this mean we win?
Our guys look over at the demons, who share a look, then CHARGE!
They engage. Willow fires the crossbow, Xander swings the ax.
ON BUFFY, ferocity building as she leaps into the fray, taking on most of the Hellions single-handedly.

SPIKE and DAWN zoom along on the motorcycle. Dawn spies something and points.

There! What’s that?

Spike steers the bike into the heavily littered, but no longer populated, convenience store parking lot.
The barrels still burning.
NEW ANGLE as they come to a stop, looking down at something, disturbing to both. Dawn numbly
slips off the motorcycle and removes the football helmet, never taking her eyes off of
HER POV – The head and torso of the BUFFYBOT, its expression frozen into some benign half-smile,
eyes wide open.
Dawn lets the helmet fall to the ground as she moves to the dismembered effigy of her dead sister.
Spike stands behind her, clearly affected, but trying to hide it.
Just a machine, Dawn.
I know.

As she tears up, kneeling by the robot. Spike looks off then crosses away.
ON DAWN as she reaches to touch the robot’s face, perhaps to close its eyes, when suddenly…
THE BUFFYBOT unexpectedly turns its head to look at Dawn. Dawn GASPS and yanks her hand back.

Dawn. You’re my sister Dawn.
Where did I go?

Where did I go? I was here. Here.
But then I ran away.
I don’t …
No. Not me. The other Buffy.

PUSH IN on Dawn as this sinks in-
BUFFYBOT (cont’d)

Yes. The other Buffy.
Buffy… ?

I don’t– I don’t know where she
went. Maybe–

SPARKS sputter from one of its “wound” and it falls into a dead, suspended state again.
DAWN rises, contemplating the robot’s words, then turns and runs off.
NEW ANGLE: SPIKE rising up holding one of the Buffybot’s mangled legs, untangling the chain still
attached to It.

(genuinely mournful)
Tsk. Look what those filthy buggers

done to you.
He calls off toward Dawn, still scrutinizing the leg.
SPIKE (cont ‘ d)
Willow’s slap and paste job’s not
gonna do the trick this time!
Robot’s done–
He looks up and notices for the first time that Dawn’s not there.
SPIKE (cont’d)

He looks around, panic starting to set.

SPIKE (cont’d)
Lil’ Bit?

NEW ANGLE – DAWN, running down the street, with purpose. Ignoring or not hearing:


As Spike’s voice ECHOES …
Most of the Hellions lay dead. As the rest of our gang finish off their opponents, Buffy batt1es the
two remaining Hellions, one armed with a pipe, the other a knife.

In mid-tussle, the pipe-wielding Hellion raises his weapon to strike, Buffy grabs the arm of the knife-
wielder, SNAPPING IT, and manages to jab her attacker, killing him.

Xander gets up in time to see Buffy finish off the other Hellion by breaking his neck.
As the dust settles, everyone comes together near Buffy, surveying the carnage.


Well, they wanted a massacre.

Xander stares at Buffy, who’s looking off.

She’s Buffy. She’s herself again.

BUFFY’s head snaps up to look at him.

XANDER (cont’d)
You’re back, Buf. You really are …

Buffy backs away.

XANDER (cont’d)
… whoah, whoah…

Buffy suddenly turns and runs down the alley.

Where’s she going?

CLOSE ON RAZOR as his eyes snap open.

Should we follow?
I don’t know… I …

Unseen by anyone, RAZOR rises up behind them, looking around at his slain brethren.

She just … needs some time,
is all. The important thing is
she’s back… She’ll be fine …
Razor brings up his fist and the switchblade claws snap open.
XANDER (cont’d)
Everything’s gonna be fine.


Act Four

NEW ANGLE as ANYA catches sight of
RAZOR about to strike.

Xander! Look out!

Xander jumps out of the way, tripping, as Razor swipes at him, missing. RAZOR glares at Anya and
the others who back away. Then he turns back to Xander and moves in on him. Xander scrambles
and crawls out of reach…


Now what kind of a Slayer is it
runs out on her buddies … just
when they need her most.

As he closes in…
BUFFY runs into frame, breathing hard. She comes to a stop by a spiky WROUGHT IRON FENCE.
Then, she hesitates, holding her breath. Something occurs to her or she senses something. She looks
off as a thought seeps into her consciousness.
As she straightens, about to act on this new idea …
A HELLION jumps out from the darkness and attacks her.

BUFFY wails on him. She jams her foot into his kneecap, smashing it, then slams him down onto the
spikes of the iron fence, impaling him.
She takes off as the Hellion exhales his last breath and dies.
DAWN runs into frame. She hesitates for a moment as she takes in the scene around her.
REVERSE ANGLE – The street looks like a war zone. Alarms blare. A broken fire hydrant sprays water
into the air. A couple of power lines, dangle from poles emitting sparks.
Littered about are the shattered remnants of windows, merchandise from looted stores, and many,
many beer bottles.
A FEW DRUNK HELLIONS (including KLYED) loiter, cleaning out the pockets of a couple of their
victims lying dead in the streets, going through wallets, etc..
DAWN, as she continues to hurry through, trying not to be noticed.
KLYED spots her. Says low and creepy:


Little Girl… wanna use the
street … gotta pay a toll.
DAWN picks up her pace, running now. They chase her.
KLYED (cont’d)
Get back here!

Dawn looks back at the two Hell-ions chasing her and runs smack dab into
ANOTHER HELLION. The Hellion grabs her by the jacket. She SCREAMS, pulls away.

Let go of me!
The jacket tears and she manages to escape his clutches.
As Klyed and his friend reach the other HELLION, they stop and watch. Klyed waves a dismissive
hand at her fleeing form, having lost interest.
RAZOR swats at Xander catching him slightly across the shoulder. Xander stumbles back and falls.
As Razor moves in, Xander spies
HIS POV – A metal garbage pail lid.
Xander picks it up and holds it in front of himself as a shield.
Razor’s claw slices through it like paper.


You’re next. First you. Then those
bitch friends of–

WHAM! Razor’s hit in the head with a pipe. He snarls in pain and turns to see
ANYA wielding the pipe. Willow and Tara standing next to her, holding a bat and chain.
He starts to converge on the women, when, suddenly, and somewhat surprisingly, they charge him.
They get in a few sharp blows before he manages to throw them off.

ON WILLOW – She looks up, willing her strength to return. Her eyes go black.


She tosses out her empty hand and a grayish glob of energy appears, turning solid and viscous, as it
hits Razor in the face, sticking there like fly paper.
ON RAZOR, blinded and enraged, trying to pull the energy glob off …
ON DAWN, slowing her run as she comes upon the IMPALED HELLION Buffy had left there. She
squints at it for a moment and starts to continue on when she hears MOANING…
NEW ANGLE – A semi-conscious Demon Biker lies in the gutter down the road, his nose spurting
WIDEN as Dawn crosses by it then looks further down the road as she follows the trail of violence.
LOW ANGLE – BUFFY steps into frame, staring up at something. So much pain and confusion creasing
her brow.
WIDEN and TILT UP to see she’s standing at the foot of Glory’s tower (from episode 11). The tower
from which she fell to her death.
NEW ANGLE ON BUFFY as she looks off, crosses to the stairs and starts to climb…
Anya pounds away at Razor with the pipe as he struggles to break free of the energy glob.


Wrap the chain around his legs.
Maybe we can restrain–

Tara moves in to do just that, but Razor manages to break free of the energy blob and grab Tara.
Xander rushes in to help her, but gets an elbow in the face and goes down, unconscious.

(moving to him)

Razor brings up his claw to slice Tara open.
ON WILLOW – Eyes black, hand outstretched.

Razor’s switchblade fingers tear across Tara, but the blades shatter to pieces on contact.
Enraged, Razor tosses Tara d side and moves in on Willow. Before she can get another word out…
He grabs her by the throat and lifts her off her feet.

So. Witch. Got a little power
after all.
He starts to squeeze. Willow struggles, to no avail.
RAZOR (cont’d)

Let’s see what tricks you can manage

while I choke the life out of y–

He suddenly freezes, drops Willow, then falls forward, dead, Xander’s battle-ax buried deeply in his
ON WILLOW, coughing, catching her breath. She looks up to see
TARA, standing over her. She offers Willow her hand and pulls her to her feet.

(choking out)

Nobody messes with my girl.

Xander comes over, propped up by Anya.

Tara. Nice axing.
My first.

They share a look of prideful accomplishment, until they remember:

(looking off)

BUFFY stands at the edge of the platform of the tower, looking down. The sky is quiet and still.
BUFFY atop the platform as the BALL OF ENERGY spews forth its apocalyptic CHAOS and NOISE.
ON BUFFY, registering this flash of another life. The calmness of the night in stark contrast to the
faint memory. It’s actually the most peaceful of any place she’s been this night.
She closes her eyes.
BUFFY, amid the din, turns to face …
DAWN, who looks at her sister, knowing without knowing.
Buffy… no …

CLOSE ON BUFFY, her eyes still closed. She mouths but doesn’t speak the words we hear her say in

BUFFY. (V. 0.)
Dawnie… I have to —
Buffy… ?

Her eyes open. That was no memory.
WIDEN to find
DAWN standing at the other end of the platform, behind Buffy, staring disbelievingly at her.


REVERSE ANGLE – As Buffy slowly turns around to look at Dawn. When she sees her, she doesn’t
appear to react, doesn’t attempt to answer. Her eyes drift off her as if this is all some hallucination.

DAWN (cont’d)
Buffy. How–

The words catch in her throat, as waves of mixed emotions flood her brain: fear, elation, confusion…

DAWN (cont’d)
Is it you? I mean, really?
(no response)
What are you–?

Buffy has turned back around again, to stare into the abyss off the platform.

DAWN (cont’d)
No! Don’t! Don’t jump, Buffy!
Don’t move! Just … walk to me. Please?
Buffy still doesn’t move — she looks back and forth from Dawn to the edge.

DAWN (cont’d)
I’m your sister. Dawn. We were
up here together and then you went
away… and you don’t want to do that
again. I don’t know how you’re back
but you are and please, just stay still.

As she inches herself closer, the platform suddenly GROANS and sways a little under her feet. Dawn
looks down, grabs a rail to support herself.

DAWN (cont’d)

Or move, but towards me. Because the
tower was built by crazy people and I
don’t think it’s holding up very well …

Buffy doesn’t answer, just continues looking down.
DAWN (cont’d)
(starting to lose it)
Talk to me! Say something! I don’t
know what you’re doing here.
(tearing up)

No! I– I don’t care what or why.
I just need to know that you’re–

(a small voice)
Is this hell?

Dawn stops.


ON BUFFY turning to face her. Her expression almost childlike in its desire to understand.

Is this hell?

No. Buffy, no. You’re here. With me.
Whatever happened to you… Whatever
you’ve been through… It’s-It’s over now.


She takes a step toward Buffy. The tower elicits another more pronounced GROAN.

DAWN (cont’d)
We have to get off this tower.

(lost in thought)
It was so clear here., On this spot.
I remember how… shiny and clear
everything was. But now, now it’s …

Buffy, please..

ON BUFFY, closing her eyes again.

DAWN (cont’d)
Listen to me. You told me I had to
be strong. And I’ve tried.
(tears flow)

It’s been so hard without you, but I
try to be brave. I’m sorry. I promise
I’ll do better. I will. If you’re with me.
Stay with me. Please. I need you to live.

Live. For–
The SCREECH of grinding metal. Dawn looks up to see
A STEEL GIRDER break away from the tower.
She SCREAMS as it misses her by inches.
A large section of the platform breaks away as the girder SLAMS into it on its descent.
BUFFY turns to look back as the impact causes the tower to SHUDDER violently, and the platform
starts to separate from it, banking to the side.
DAWN loses her footing and is about to slide off. She reaches for a support rail on the tower, but it’s
too far.

DAWN (cont’d)

PUSH IN ON BUFFY, as clarity comes to her again.

She runs to Dawn, transversing the ever-tilting platform.
BUFFY (cont’d)
I’m coming!


(straining to reach the rail)
I– I can’t–

BUFFY grabs Dawn as the platform lurches away further. She looks around and spies…
A STEEL CABLE, dangling from a pulley, attached to the side of the tower.
Buffy throws Dawn over her shoulder. The tower GROANS louder as Buffy pushes herself off, diving
for the cable.
Her hand grabs hold of the cable, and they start to descend. Rapidly.
ON PULLEY, the friction of the cable being pulled through causing it to smoke.
ON BUFFY AND DAWN — the speed increasing, Buffy looks around for something to slow their
descent. She glances down.
FROM ABOVE — we see the ground coming up to meet them.
ON PULLEY— very hot now, the smoke billowing from it. A bolt, attaching it to the tower. pops. Then
ON THE TOWER, as the platform finally tears away from it.
ON BUFFY AND DAWN, whooshing past the screen.
ON PULLEY, as heat causes the cable to seize up.
ON BUFFY AND DAWN — the sudden stoppage jerking them off the line and they fall, twenty or so
feet …
NEW ANGLE as-they hit the ground, hard — Buffy taking most of the impact.
ON BUFFY, winded and coughing. She looks straight up and her eyes go wide.
BUFFY’S POV – the platform hurtling right at them.
BUFFY rolls over, grabs a dazed Dawn and they scramble out of the way as the platform SLAMS to
the ground.
ON BUFFY, pulling Dawn away as she sees the tower collapsing.
WIDE SHOT as they run outside of the fence encircling the construction site. Buffy shields Dawn as
the tower comes CRASHING down, its metal and concrete SCREAMING, kicking up a thick cloud of
dirt and debris.
As it starts to clear, as everything appears to be safe… Buffy sits against the fence, exhausted,
spent. She closes her eyes.
DAWN, recovering, crawls to her, touches her face.
DAWN (cont’d)

Buffy’s eyes open and go to her.

DAWN (cont’d)
She wraps her arms around Buffy, hugging her sister, fiercely.
DAWN (cont’d)
You… You’re really here.
ANGLE ON DAWN, over Buffy’s shoulder. Her eyes fill with tears.

DAWN (cont’d)
You’re alive and you’re home …

ANGLE ON BUFFY in the clench, staring off, expressionless, as her sister weeps with relief and joy.

DAWN (cont’d)
You’re home.

ON BUFFY’S impassive face …




GILES VOICEOVER: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer…
Buffy sitting on the steps of Hemery High in “Becoming.”
WATCHER: You are the chosen one.
Brief montage of several of the monsters Buffy has fought.
WATCHER: You alone can stop them.
WATCHER: The vampires.
Buffy timidly staking a vampire, looking shocked when it dusts.
WATCHER: You see your power.
BUFFY: Why can’t you people just leave me alone?
GILES: Into each generation a Slayer is born.
WILLOW: You’re the Slayer, and we’re like the Slayerettes.
XANDER: The three of us have been together from the beginning. We’ve always gone on patrols, and, uh, done
demon research with her and everything.

BUFFY: We’re talking about two very powerful witches (shot of Willow and Tara doing a spell) and a thousand-
year-old ex-demon (shot of Anya)

XANDER: Anya, you wanna marry me?
Willow and Tara slow-dancing at the Bronze.
Buffy and Angel sitting on Angel’s bed in “Becoming”
BUFFY: Angel.
ANGEL: I love you.
Buffy and Angel kissing.
BUFFY: So don’t go.
Angel walking away at the end of “Graduation Day”
Spike driving his car over the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign.
SPIKE: Home sweet home.
DOCTOR: That chip was deeply imbedded in your cerebral cortex.
Spike trying to bite Willow, yelling in pain.
SPIKE: I can’t bite anything. I can’t even hit people.
GILES: What are you saying?
SPIKE: Spike had a little trip to the vet, and now he doesn’t chase the other puppies any more.
Spike talking to Buffy in “The Gift”
SPIKE: I know you’ll never love me. I know that I’m a monster, but you treat me like a man.
Spike reading a book to Dawn.
SPIKE: They had to be certain the Slayer would protect it with her life, so they sent the key to her in the form of

a sister.
GREGOR: You were created to open the gates that separate dimensions.
Various shots of Dawn.
GREGOR: The little girl. The key.
Dawn crying out as Doc cuts her in “The Gift”
GREGOR: Destroy it, and the will of the beast will be broken.
Spike attacking Doc.
Doc stabbing Spike, throwing him off the tower.
Spike hitting the ground.
DAWN: I have to jump.
BUFFY: It’ll kill you.
DAWN: Look at what’s happening!
Lightning destroying downtown Sunnydale.
Buffy doing her determined expression.
DAWN: Buffy, no.
BUFFY: Dawnie, I have to.
Buffy swan-diving into the vortex.
The Scoobies gathering around Buffy’s dead body.
BUFFY VOICEOVER: You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Be brave. Live.
Long shot of Buffy’s gravestone.
Act II
Continuation from Bargaining Part 1… Open on the same scene.
Buffy slowly gets to her feet, turns and stares at the headstone with her name on it. She frowns in confusion,
then her eyes widen in shock as she gets it.
Cut to downtown. A car sits there burning, half burnt away. Buffy walks up, stares. Pan to a wider shot and we
see her walking down a street that’s littered with debris. Buffy wears a black dress with dark hose and black
heeled shoes. Her hair is shaggy and mostly covers her face.
Cut to a shot from Buffy’s point of view. Everything is blurry and indistinct. She continues walking, squinting
and frowning at the burning cars.
She stops walking to stare at a car. A demon on his motorcycle goes roaring past, throws something as he goes
by. Buffy watches him go, backs away.
Cut to interior of the magic shop. The door opens and Tara and Anya run in. They go down the steps into the
main room.
TARA: Willow, Xander!
Tara goes to look in the back room, comes back. Anya looks around the store.
TARA: They’re not here.
ANYA: Thank god. (Tara looks confused) No, I mean, my store hasn’t been looted.
Loud banging noise from outside. They both turn to look.
TARA: Yet.
They go to the window, peek out.
Shot of a bunch of demons looting a store across the street.

ANYA: (softly) Xander.
TARA: They’re all right.
ANYA: Then where are they? Why aren’t they here?
TARA: I don’t know.
Anya turns away from the window, walks into the store. Tara follows.
ANYA: (getting agitated) They could be hurt. Xander could be lying somewhere broken and bleeding, calling
out my name.
TARA: Anya.
ANYA: Like that, oh god! (walks on) What if, what if they’re really hurt, what if they’re dead?
TARA: (firmly) They’re not.
ANYA: How do you know?
TARA: Because he’s with Willow. And if something … happened, I’d know. (softly) And so would you.
ANYA: (calmer) You think?
TARA: I’m sure of it. (hugs her) They’re fine.
Shot of Tara over Anya’s shoulder as they hug. She strokes Anya’s hair.
TARA: (trying to convince herself) They’re both fine.
Tara pulls back to look at Anya.
TARA: Maybe they got lost, in the woods.
ANYA: The woods? Are we going back to the woods? I hate the woods. All those woodsy trees.
TARA: (excited) No, it’s okay. Lost is good. Willow and I always know how to find each other!
She runs to the round table, shoves all the stuff off of it and climbs up on it, sits cross-legged and puts her hands
on her knees. (See episode “Fear Itself”)
ANYA: With yoga?
TARA: Ssh! (eyes closed) Aradia, hear my words.
Cut to the forest. Xander and Willow are walking along. Willow is panting, leans on Xander for support.
XANDER: Okay, this is really starting to grate my cheese. These woods aren’t that big. Now, I know we’ve been
going straight because I’ve been following the North Star.
WILLOW: (looks up) Xander. (they stop) That’s not the North Star. It’s an airplane.
Willow makes a pained face, staggers over to a tree and leans against it.
XANDER: Nah, that’s not an airplane, it’s definitely … (looks harder) …a blimp! (embarrassed) But I can see
how one … could make that airplane mistake.
WILLOW: (panting) I, I can’t walk any more. I need to rest.
XANDER: It can’t be much further.
WILLOW: You said that an hour ago. I just … that spell took a lot out of me.

XANDER: As for example, snakes? How come you didn’t tell us how much-
WILLOW: No. Not now.

XANDER: What were we into back there, Will?
WILLOW: It doesn’t matter anyway.
XANDER: Do not get all avoidy on me.
WILLOW: I’m not avoidy, I just … we have bigger problems. Demons?
XANDER: Demons! Ah. There’s something you don’t see every day. (sarcastic chuckle) Unless you’re us.
WILLOW: (annoyed) Yeah, and now we’re lost, so can we – (sees something ahead) What’s that?
XANDER: See? Avoidy.
WILLOW: (points) Over there, that-that light.
XANDER: (looks) That one moving towards us?
We see a blue light in the distance.

XANDER: Incredibly fast?
WILLOW: (calls) Hello?
XANDER: “Hello”? We’re being hunted, and you’re hello-ing a strange fast-moving light in the dark? It could
be anything.
The light comes closer but is still hard to see through the trees.
XANDER: It’s a motorcycle headlight.
WILLOW: (smiling) No, too small.
XANDER: Stay behind me. (picks up a stick from the ground, moves forward)

WILLOW: Xander, I don’t-
XANDER: Stay down. I’ll take care of this.

The light flies right up to Xander and circles his head. It’s a small blue ball of light.

WILLOW: Xander, it’s-
XANDER: A bug! A big fiery bug! (trying to shoo it away)

WILLOW: Xander-
XANDER: Get off! Do fireflies bite? No, they probably burn, don’t they? They – yaa!

WILLOW: (smiling) Xander, it’s not a bug. (as it flies around her face) It’s Tara.
Willow pushes away from the tree and follows the light as it moves off.
WILLOW: Come on.
She moves past Xander and on through the trees. Xander follows.
XANDER: And how long have you known that your girlfriend’s Tinkerbell?
Cut to Buffy walking down residential streets. A siren wails in the background. Buffy goes to a car that’s parked
on a driveway, leans against it.
The car’s lights come on and its security system begins to wail and honk. Buffy presses her hands over her ears
in pain. The house lights come on. The front door opens and a man comes out.
HOMEOWNER: What are you doing?
Buffy peers at him through her fingers. Her vision is still very blurry. The man is holding a shotgun.
HOMEOWNER: Get away from there!
Buffy squints at him.
HOMEOWNER: Do you hear me? (walks onto the porch) I said get off my property!
Buffy continues frowning and squinting.
HOMEOWNER: Leave us alone. (yells) Get outta here!
He fires into the air. Buffy turns and runs off.
Cut to Dawn and Spike running around the side of the Summers house, crouching down behind a bush against
the wall. Spike looks out at the street. Dawn tries to move forward to look too, but he shoves her behind him.
SPIKE: Get back.
We see some demons riding their bikes up onto the porch of a house across the street. Spike gets up a little so he
can see better. The demons break some windows and go into the house. We can see people inside.
Spike continues watching as we hear a woman screaming. A small smile flicks across Spike’s face. Dawn peers
over his shoulder.

DAWN: I-it looks like they’re just … wrecking stuff. No thought other than just destruct-o-rama.
The demons throw some chairs out through the windows.
Spike grins. Dawn notices it.
DAWN: What?
SPIKE: Uh, oh, nothing, just, uh … (nods toward the action) looked like fun. (Dawn gives him a look) I’m just
sayin’. Yeah, it’s just … (looks around) with this kind of frolicking going on all around town, we’re not gonna get
very far without…
Spike spies something, moves away from the wall. Dawn watches.
There’s a kid-sized football helmet and a baseball bat lying on the ground. Spike picks up the helmet, tosses it to
Dawn. She catches it, looks confused. Spike points at her, walks away.
Cut to a demon on motorcycle coming around a corner at a high rate of speed. The tires screech.
In the foreground we can see Spike’s hand twitching as the demon rides toward him.
Long shot of Spike standing in the middle of the street. The demon keeps coming. Spike doesn’t move.
At the last second, Spike leaps up into the air, kicking the demon off the bike. The demon lands hard. Spike runs
over to the crashed bike, picks it up and gets on it.
SPIKE: Let’s fly, pigeon!
Cut to Dawn beside the house. She puts the helmet on and runs off.
The demons come running out of the house just in time to see Spike and Dawn go roaring away on the
Cut to the magic shop. Frantic knocking on the door. Anya and Tara go to it.
ANYA: (calls) Already been looted, sorry! Uh, try the appliance store down the block, they’ve got great toasters.
XANDER: (OS) Anya!
ANYA: Xander?
Anya opens the door. Willow and Xander come in. Willow hugs Tara. Xander closes and locks the door.
ANYA: I knew you weren’t dead. (hugs him)
XANDER: Wow, then why was I so worried?

TARA: (leading Willow to a chair) Are you-
WILLOW: Uh, not yet. But, but I will be.

Willow eases into the chair with a pained expression. Tara stands behind her stroking her hair.
WILLOW: Where’s Dawn and Spike?

TARA: We’ve been calling the house, but-
XANDER: Maybe they’re on their way here. I mean, this place is NORAD, and we are at DefCon One.

The women all look at him in confusion.
XANDER: Okay, I so need male friends.
WILLOW: We have to go out and look for them. (tries to get up but Tara pushes her back down)
XANDER: There’s this guy at work I kind of hit it off with. Tito. I mean, he seems like a good…
Once again they all give him a look.
XANDER: (embarrassed) You were talking about Dawn and Spike, of course.
ANYA: Um, question. (to Willow) You want us to go back out there?

WILLOW: Well, yeah. Uh, unless somebody’s got a better idea.
ANYA: Well, um, it’s just … we’re minus a Buffybot. And, uh, Spike is missing in action somewhere with
Dawn, and Giles flew away, and, uh, well you, you’re looking a little magicked-out.
XANDER: Ahn honey, we’re nearing your point, right?
ANYA: It’s just, how are we supposed to fight these guys? (Everyone looks at her) I mean, we can take a
vampire or two, sure, but there’s a whole cavalcade of demons out there … (uncertainly) I mean, I think this, you
know … it, it takes, um … I mean, I … we need…
XANDER: Buffy.
ANYA: (softly) Buffy.
WILLOW: (harshly) Buffy…
They nod expectantly.
WILLOW: …is not coming back. (sadly) We failed.
Anya looks dismayed. The others look sad.
WILLOW: So … we’re it, gang. (gets painfully to her feet) Xander, grab the weapons. We’re gonna look for
Dawn and Spike.
Sound of glass breaking. They all turn to look.
TARA: If we’re gonna go, we should go now, they’re just getting more and more worked up by the moment.
XANDER: Well, they can’t keep it up forever. I mean, maybe they’ll party themselves out, you know, tire of this
place and move on.
Cut to Razor addressing his minions.
RAZOR: Say hello to your new home, boys.
The demons cheer. Several of them have bottles of beer. One of them takes a mouthful of beer and blows it at
his torch, creating a huge flame.
We see that they’re gathered in an open space (parking lot?) with a few barrels full of fire. A burning pile of
trash in the background.
RAZOR: This here is a momentous occasion, the beginning of a new era.
We see Buffy walking slowly toward them, looking around.
RAZOR: Now, no question, the open backroads and highways have been good to us. But we’ve got ourselves a
juicy little burg here, just ripe for the picking. And I ain’t in no hurry to leave it, you?
The demons all yell “no” as Buffy walks closer. We see them from her point of view, about a hundred feet away
and still blurry.
RAZOR: So I figure, what better way to kick off our … semi-settling-down, than with a little christening?
The demons cheer.
We see a couple of demons attaching chains to their motorcycles. They grin at each other as the cheering
continues. Buffy walks closer.

RAZOR: A symbolic act commemorating the new order around here … and ridding ourselves of any not-so-
pleasant reminders of the old.

Razor is holding a gun. He holds it up and theatrically puts a bullet in.
RAZOR: All in one quick, really, really violent fell swoop.
Buffy comes right up behind a couple of the demons. She still looks very muddled. They don’t notice her.

RAZOR: (holds up the gun) Gentlemen, start your engines.
The demons start up their bikes. We get a very quick look at the bikes with chains attached, and the BuffyBot
among them. The demons sit still on their bikes, engines rumbling.
We see the bot standing there with chains attached to both her arms.
The real Buffy catches sight of the bot, and her eyes widen in shock.
The bot sees Buffy and also looks surprised.
RAZOR: Bye-bye, slayer!
Buffy takes a step closer. We see the bot’s mouth say “Buffy” but we can’t hear her over the engines.
Razor fires into the air. The bikes begin to move.
BUFFY: (screams) No!
The demons nearest Buffy hear her scream and turn around.
The four motorcycles all move off in four different directions. Each bike is attached to one of the bot’s limbs.
Her arms and legs are ripped from her body and her torso goes flying. Razor grins.
Buffy looks around anxiously. The demons near her move aside so that all the demons can see her.
RAZOR: (looking at Buffy) Another one for the fire, boys.
Buffy looks alarmed.
RAZOR: Tear it up.
Buffy backs away, turns and begins to run.
Open on Buffy running down the street. A demon on a motorcycle comes from behind and cuts in front of her,
cutting her off. She turns to see another one coming at her, swinging a chain over his head. Buffy runs toward
that demon as the first one follows. She ducks, and the chain hits the first demon, knocking him off his bike.
DEMON: Sorry. Sorry.
Buffy gets up and runs off.
Cut to Xander and Anya walking down the street. Xander has an axe over his shoulder. Pan forward to reveal
Tara and Willow walking ahead of them. Willow carries a crossbow.

TARA: It wasn’t your fault. We, we don’t know if the spell would have worked, even if the demons hadn’t-
WILLOW: It would have worked.

TARA: Well … maybe…
TARA: Maybe it wasn’t supposed to. I mean, those demons showing up at the exact wrong time? Maybe we
really were in over our heads. Invoking forces that we have no right to. Maybe the fates sent down all that
destruction on us to stop us. I mean…
WILLOW: You mean, maybe it was my fault.
TARA: No. No.
They put their arms around each other, continue walking.

Cut to Buffy leaping over a pile of stuff and flinging herself over a fence. A motorcycle screeches to a stop
behind her. The demon growls angrily.
Cut back to the Scoobies still walking.
ANYA: (softly to Xander) I’m not saying we announce it this second.
XANDER: (whispers) Anya!
ANYA: Well, I think it would please them to know we’re engaged. And I think Willow in particular could use a
real morale-booster right now.
XANDER: Can we talk about this later?
ANYA: Well, but it’s just all the excuses for not telling everyone we’re engaged are gone now. I mean, aside
from hell bikers, there’s nothing standing in our way. This is it. No more surprises.
Suddenly they all stop walking as something drops to the ground in front of them.
XANDER: Watch it!
It’s Buffy. She crouches there staring at them through her hair. She rises to her feet.
ANYA: It … it’s the Buffy Bot.
XANDER: Ah, peachy. No doubt to lead the wild bunch right to us again. Hey Will, next time this thing’s
damaged, couldn’t ya program it to find the nearest Radio Shack, or…
Xander breaks off when he sees the look on Willow’s face.
Zoom in slowly on Willow, staring at Buffy in wonder.
WILLOW: Buffy?
Buffy stares fearfully, then turns and runs away.
WILLOW: Buffy!
XANDER: Buffy!
The gang runs after her.
WILLOW: Buffy!
Cut to the Scoobies coming around a corner into another alley.
ANYA: Where is she?
Willow stops. We see Buffy crouched in a corner between a wall and some random junk.
WILLOW: Buffy? (moves toward her) Buffy, are you…
Buffy sits huddled in on herself with her hair obscuring her face. The Scoobies walk toward her.
WILLOW: It’s Willow. Can you hear me?
Buffy looks up, back, and all around, very nervously.
ANYA: (whispers) What’s wrong with her?
WILLOW: Nothing! She – she’s … she’s in shock.
TARA: Her hands are bleeding. Her fingers.
Close-up of Buffy’s hands, which are covered with blood.
ANYA: (OS) Oh, she’s filthy.
Xander shakes his head in dismay.
XANDER: Oh no.
WILLOW: (OS) What?
XANDER: No. How could we … so stupid!

WILLOW: Xander!
XANDER: Our spell. Our resurrection spell worked like a magic charm. We brought you back to life, Buffy.
(looks at Willow) Right where we left her.
Willow and Tara look shocked.
WILLOW: Oh god.
XANDER: In her coffin.
Willow turns in anguish to Tara, who hugs her.
TARA: She had to … dig out of her own grave.
Buffy continues crouching there fearfully.
Shot of the group from Buffy’s POV, still blurry. Xander bends over to look in her face.
XANDER: (muffled) Buffy.
Shot of Buffy from their POV.
XANDER: (loudly) Buffy, it’s Xander.
Back to Buffy’s POV.
XANDER: (muffled) We’re sorry. We didn’t know.
Buffy turns her head away, letting her hair cover her face again.
XANDER: Buffy.
TARA: You aren’t reaching her, she’s too traumatized.
Anya touches Xander on the back, and he moves aside so Anya can take his place.
ANYA: Hey, Buffy. Uh, here’s some good news that might perk you right up. Uh, Xander and I have an
Xander grabs her arm, pulls her away.
ANYA: What? Just trying to help.
Xander bends over in front of Buffy again.
XANDER: Buffy …. it’s gonna be all right. We brought you back. You’re home now.
Buffy slowly raises her head, looks at him. Shot of Xander from Buffy’s POV.
XANDER: (muffled) Yeah, that’s it. You’re home.
RAZOR: Yeah, welcome home, Slayer.
The Scoobies turn to see several demons behind them.
RAZOR: Alive and kickin’ after all!
The Scoobies look alarmed. So does Buffy.
RAZOR: Well, alive, anyway.
Shot of the demons from Buffy’s POV.
RAZOR: (muffled) Not looking too good, though, is she?
XANDER: (muffled) I don’t see you winning too many beauty contests.

Cut to front view of Xander with the axe over his shoulder.
XANDER: …unless the Miss “My Face Fell Off” pageant gets going.
RAZOR: Big axe you got there.
XANDER: The better to cut you down to size, grandma.
The other Scoobies look nervous. Razor grins, takes a step forward.
TARA: Incindere.
A gout of flame spurts up from the ground between Razor and Xander. Razor steps back.
RAZOR: Ah. So you got a witch in the mix.
TARA: More than one.
XANDER: I happen to be a very powerful man-witch myself. (Razor looks amused) Or … male… (over his
shoulder to Willow) Is it a warlock?
Willow nods. Xander turns back to Razor.
XANDER: Warlock.
ANYA: Plus, we have a Slayer here, uh, who might actually be looking to eat some brains, so, I think a little
quiet moseying, no hard feelings, and I’m sure your demon horde won’t think any the less of you.
RAZOR: (shakes head) Now, my boys, see, that’s tricky. They came looking for a massacre…
We see Buffy looking a bit more aware, starting to rise.
RAZOR: (Buffy’s POV, muffled) …and I think you got exactly enough magic between you for a kiddie birthday
Willow steps forward.
WILLOW: Then you’d be wrong.
RAZOR: Whoa. Well, I better back off, or you might, what? Pull a rabbit out of a hat?
ANYA: (horrified) Don’t, don’t do that! (to Tara) Why would she do that? (Tara shakes her head)
WILLOW: We don’t want trouble … you don’t want trouble.
RAZOR: Of course we want trouble, we’re demons. We’re really all about trouble.
WILLOW: Not this kind.
RAZOR: Oh. I get your point.
He backhands Willow, who flies backward and lands on top of some boxes. Xander charges but Razor shoves
him aside and he falls to the ground.
Anya and Tara each go to their respective partners.
RAZOR: Now let me tell you something, children. We’re not gonna fight you. We’re just gonna hold you down
and enjoy ourselves for a few hours.
Shot of Tara gently turning over an unconscious Willow. In the background, Buffy rises to her feet, looking at
RAZOR: (OS) You might even live through it. (Buffy walks forward) Except that certain of my boys got some…
Shot of Razor grinning evilly.
RAZOR: …anatomical incompatibilities that, uh, tend to tear up little girls. (grins) So, who wants to go first?
Buffy comes over to stand directly in front of him.
RAZOR: I was really hoping it’d be you.
He hits her in the face. Her head whips to the side but she doesn’t otherwise move. Razor looks a little uncertain.

Slowly, she turns her head back to face him again. There’s blood on her lip. Her face hardens into her famous
“I’m gonna kick your ass” expression.
Razor throws another punch but Buffy stops it, grabbing his fist and holding it immobile. With her other hand
she punches him in the face twice, then she kicks him. He falls to the ground unconscious.
The other demons look on nervously.
Willow sits up, stares.
Pan across Razor’s inert body to Buffy standing over it looking confused.
Xander and Anya stare.
ANYA: Does this mean we win?
The other demons yell and attack Buffy. She kicks one of them back. Xander and Anya get up. Buffy blocks
another demon’s weapon and kicks him in the stomach.
Another demon attacks Xander who blocks with his axe, then punches the demon.
Buffy blocks a punch and punches the demon in the face, then punches another one.
Willow loads her crossbow and fires, hitting a demon in the middle of the chest.
A demon attacks Buffy with a knife and she grabs his arm in both hands, pauses to kick another demon away
behind her, swings the one with the knife around and throws him into another demon, shoves another one away,
ducks and punches, ducks and punches again.
Then Buffy is surrounded by demons hitting her with various weapons, and she huddles down on the ground
under their blows. Suddenly she springs back up again, throwing them off her. She kicks one in the groin and he
takes two more down with him.
Another demon thrusts a baseball bat at Buffy and she grabs it, uses one end to hit a demon behind her, then
uses the other end to hit the first demon.
Cut to Main Street. It’s deserted but littered with debris, some of which is on fire. A motorcycle comes roaring
down the street.
Cut closer and we see that it’s Spike and Dawn. Dawn sees something up ahead.
DAWN: There. What’s that?
Spike looks, turns toward it. They pass a flaming barrel, then drive into the open space where the demons were
partying. It’s deserted now too. Spike brings the bike to a stop next to the pile of flaming rubble.
They both dismount, staring at something on the ground. Dawn takes the helmet off and tosses it aside as they
move forward.
Shot of Buffybot’s torso lying on the ground, wires dangling everywhere from her arm and leg sockets.
SPIKE: It’s just a machine, Dawn.
DAWN: I know.
Dawn kneels beside the bot. Spike turns, walks away a bit.
Dawn reaches out to close the bot’s eyes, but suddenly the head turns and looks at her. Dawn gasps.
BUFFYBOT: Dawn. You’re my sister Dawn.
Dawn doesn’t know what to say. She gives a tentative smile.

BUFFYBOT: (looks around in confusion) Where did I go?
DAWN: What?
BUFFYBOT: Where did I go? I was here. Here. But then I ran away.
DAWN: (confused) I-I don’t…
BUFFYBOT: No. Not me. The other Buffy.
Dawn’s eyes widen in shock.
BUFFYBOT: Yes. The other Buffy.
DAWN: Buffy?

BUFFYBOT: I don’t … I don’t … know where she ran off to. Maybe-
She freezes in mid-word, staring blankly.

Dawn backs away, gets up, still shocked. She stares at the lifeless bot, turns and runs away.
Cut to Spike picking up a piece of twisted metal from the scrap pile. It’s one of the bot’s legs.
SPIKE: Tsk. Look what those filthy buggers done to you. (loudly, to Dawn) Willow’s slap-and-paste job’s not
gonna do the trick this time. Robot’s done.
He looks up, notices Dawn is gone.
SPIKE: Hey. (looks all around, alarmed) Little bit? (yells) Dawn!
Cut to Dawn running down the street.
SPIKE: (OS) Dawn!
Cut to Tara being held against the wall by a demon who has her by the throat. Willow hits him in the head with
her crossbow and he falls back.
Another demon has Xander down on a pile of wood but he manages to get his feet up and kick the demon away.
Xander leaps to his feet and slams his axe down into the demon.
Buffy turns from fighting one demon with the baseball bat and another one flings a length of chain, which
wraps around the bat. The demon uses it to pull the bat out of Buffy’s hand. Then he attacks her with a knife.
She blocks, grabs the knife-wielding arm, and uses it to stab another demon as he charges. Then Buffy kicks out
behind her, kicking away another demon, and as for the one she’s holding, she twists his head around, breaking
his neck.
Buffy stops, looking around. All the demons are defeated. The Scoobies approach from their various places.
TARA: Well, they wanted a massacre.
They stand in a row staring at Buffy.
XANDER: She’s Buffy. She’s herself again. (She looks at him) You’re back, Buffy, you really are.
Xander moves as if to hug her, but she takes a quick step back, looking fearful.
XANDER: Whoa. (gently) Whoa.
Buffy looks around in anguish. She lifts her bloody hand to her mouth, wipes the blood from her lip, looks at
her hand. She looks about to cry. She walks forward. The others watch uncertainly.
Buffy goes past Xander and breaks into a run, taking off around the corner.
WILLOW: Buffy!
The Scoobies watch her go.

ANYA: Where’s she going?
TARA: Should we follow her?
WILLOW: I don’t know.
XANDER: She just … needs some time is all.
Shot of Razor lying on the ground, apparently dead. Suddenly his eyes open.
XANDER: (OS) The important thing is that she’s back. She’ll be fine.
Shot of Razor’s hand. The metal claws shoot out of his fingers.
Act IV
Open on Razor getting to his feet with a snarl. We see that he’s standing behind Xander.
ANYA: Xander, look out!
Anya shoves Xander to the ground as Razor attacks. The blow misses as Xander hits the ground butt-first.
The others watch fearfully as Razor advances on Xander, who scrambles backward on his butt.
RAZOR: Now what kind of Slayer is it runs out on her buddies just when they need her the most?
Xander grabs a trash-can lid and holds it up as a shield as Razor attacks again. The metal claws slice right
through the shield. Xander looks scared.
Cut to Buffy walking quickly down an alley. Suddenly she stops, turns as a demon swings a piece of metal at
her. She ducks and hits him, kicks him in the groin, grabs him and throws him against a wall where another
piece of metal impales him. He falls dead.
Buffy stares at him, then looks up. Above the roof of the nearest building we see the tower that Glory’s minions
built. Buffy runs off.
Cut back to Razor about to strike Xander again. Suddenly he’s struck from behind. He turns and all three
women attack him — Willow and Anya with sticks, Tara with a piece of chain. He covers his head with his
hands as they beat on him.
Then Razor does the same move that Buffy did earlier, straightening up and flinging them off of him. They all
fall back.
Willow holds up her hand.
WILLOW: Obfuscate.
A gray ball appears in her hand and she throws it at Razor. It covers his face with some kind of goo, so he can’t
see. He roars and pulls at it with his hands.
Cut to Dawn running around a corner, hearing Razor yell in the background. She sees the impaled demon and
comes to a stop, staring in disgust. She edges around him, looks up and sees the tower. She starts forward with
Cut to Buffy at the foot of the tower, looking up. Shot from her POV of the tower with the narrow walkway
extending out.
Cut back to Razor still trying to pry the stuff off his face as the others resume hitting him. Xander sits up.
Razor finally pulls the stuff off, grabs Anya by the shoulders and shoves her away. She lands on the ground.
Xander gets up and rushes Razor, gets elbowed in the face and falls back.

Tara rushes Razor and he grabs her by the throat.
WILLOW: Fragilis.
Another ball of light appears in Willow’s hand and shoots over to Tara. Razor swipes his claws across Tara’s
chest but the metal claws break off and fall away without harming her. Razor stares at his fingers, thrusts Tara
away. She falls among some trash.
Razor grabs Willow by the throat and lifts her up.
RAZOR: So, witch, got a little power after all. Well, let’s see what tricks you can manage while I choke the life

Suddenly he gasps and lets Willow go. She falls to the ground. Razor falls face-first beside her, with the axe

buried in his back.
Willow looks up to see Tara standing there. Tara bends over and helps Willow up.
TARA: Nobody messes with my girl.
Xander and Anya come over.
XANDER: Tara, nice axing.
TARA: My first.
They all look at the dead demon.
WILLOW: Buffy.
They all turn and walk off.
Cut to: Shot of the tower from afar.
Cut to the top. Buffy stands at the end of the platform looking down. We hear creaking noises.
Shot of the view from the platform. The ground below is just an open space.
Buffy frowns slightly.
Flashback of Dawn’s blood dripping, opening the hole in midair, lightning flashing.
Flashback of Buffy running down the platform, swan-diving into the thing.
Cut back to now. Buffy stands staring, presses her eyes shut tightly.
Flashback of Buffy standing on the tower with Dawn, turning away from Dawn to look at holes opening in the
sky. Buffy turning back to Dawn.
Cut back to now. Buffy still has her eyes closed.
DAWN: (flashback) Buffy, no.
BUFFY: (now) Dawnie, I have to.
DAWN: (now) Buffy?
Buffy frowns, opens her eyes, turns. Dawn is standing at the other end of the platform, in the little arch at the
top of the tower.
DAWN: Buffy…
Buffy looks apprehensively at her.
DAWN: Buffy … (amazed) how….

Buffy frowns at her in confusion.
DAWN: Is it you? I mean really?
Dawn smiles tentatively, starts to take a step forward.

DAWN: What are you do-
The tower creaks and shudders under Dawn’s feet. She grabs the pole beside her for support, looks down

Shot from below as the whole tower shakes.
Cut back to above. Buffy turns back to the end of the platform.
DAWN: (shrieks) No!
Buffy looks down at the ground below.
DAWN: Don’t!
Buffy turns back to Dawn.
DAWN: Don’t jump, Buffy, don’t move! Just walk to me. Please!
Buffy looks uncertain, turns away again.
DAWN: Please?
Buffy continues staring down. The tower continues to creak.
DAWN: I’m your sister. Dawn. We were up here … together, and then … you went away. And you don’t wanna
do that again. I don’t know how you’re back, but you are, and please, just stay still.
The tower shakes again, making Dawn shriek and fight for balance.
DAWN: Or-or move. But-but towards me. Because the tower was built by crazy people and I don’t think it’s
holding up very well.
Beat. Buffy continues staring down.
DANW: Talk to me. Say something!
The tower creaks.
BUFFY: (quietly) Is … this hell?
DAWN: (confused) What?
Buffy turns to face Dawn with an anguished frown.
BUFFY: Is this hell?
DAWN: No! Buffy, no! (taking a tiny step closer) You’re here … with me. (another tiny step) Whatever

happened to you, whatever you’ve been through, it’s … it’s over now. You’re-
The tower shakes again. Dawn shrieks

DAWN: We have to get off this tower!
Buffy turns to look down again.

BUFFY: (quietly) It was so … clear … on this spot. I remember … how … shiny … and clear everything was.
(shakes her head) But … now … now…
DAWN: Buffy … please … listen to me.
Buffy closes her eyes, doesn’t turn around.
DAWN: You told me I had to be strong … and I’ve tried. (tearful) But it’s been so hard without you.
Buffy still has eyes closed, frowning.
DAWN: I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better, I will! (still tearful) If you’re with me. Stay with me … please. I need

you to live. Live! For-
The tower shakes again, hard. Dawn screams and crouches down. Piece of the tower fall off.

DAWN: Buffy!
Buffy whirls around.
BUFFY: (softly) Dawn.
DAWN: Buffy!
BUFFY: (louder) Dawn!
Buffy runs across the platform to Dawn, pulls her up and into the body of the tower. They run around one bend,
pause and look around.
Shot of a pulley with a rope going through it.
Buffy holds onto Dawn, leaps off the tower and grabs the rope. They hang there for a moment, then the rope
begins to move and they plummet downward. Dawn screams. Shot of the pulley with the rope zooming through
it, sending up smoke. Shot of a bolt working its way loose.
They fall for a while and then something catches and they stop. They both look toward the ground, still a long
ways off.
The bolt holding the pulley secure breaks off, and they fall the rest of the way, Dawn screaming the whole time.
They land on some cardboard on the ground.
They both lie on their backs gasping. Buffy looks up and sees the entire platform break off the tower and fall
toward them. Buffy grabs Dawn, they both get up and run off an instant before the platform falls on the
Long shot of the entire tower crumbling and falling to the ground. It makes a huge sustained noise.
Buffy and Dawn go around a corner and collapse on the ground, panting. Dawn winces in pain, looks up at
Buffy’s face. The noise dies away.
DAWN: (tentatively) Buffy?
Buffy looks at her apprehensively. Dawn smiles in disbelief.
DAWN: Buffy. You … you … (touches Buffy’s cheek) …you’re really here.
Dawn hugs Buffy.
DAWN: (crying) You’re alive, and you’re home. You’re home.
Shot of Buffy’s face over Dawn’s shoulder. She doesn’t look very happy.
Executive Producers: Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon. THE END

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